Technological change is accelerating at an unprecedented speed, creating a world we can barely begin to imagine.

Yesterday the PC and the Internet brought us desktop applications, search engines, e-commerce, e-mail and messaging, social networking, SaaS business applications, and many other services. Today we’re in the middle of the mobile era. Our smartphones give us remote control access to mobile messaging, mobile social networking, and on-demand services like ride sharing.

Are you ready for a new world where the convergence of mobility, big data, the cloud, collaboration, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are bringing profound changes for businesses and countries? Are you taking actions to avoid becoming just a digital memory? Surviving and thriving these next few years will take very different thinking.

All these themes are on my mind as Cisco Live in Australia approaches and 5500 Cisco enthusiasts are about to come together in Melbourne for our foremost customer event.

I’ve been traveling to Australia since 1994 and consider it one of the most visionary countries in the world when it comes to recognizing the threats and opportunities connected with today’s major market transitions. This is a nation that is taking significant steps to position itself to win in the 21st century by:

  • Partnering with industry, research bodies, and academia to ensure its digital future, Australia is home to two of Cisco’s global innovation centers located in Sydney and Perth
  • Working closely with Cisco to establish cyber security as a top national priority and ensure the nation is ready for the next wave of digital enablement
  • Investing $10 billion per year for research and science by 2020

For those attending Cisco Live Melbourne I look forward to talking with you about today and tomorrow to accelerate and succeed together in this disruption-based world. If you can’t make it in person, join anyway (!) by going to Cisco Live Online.

And not to worry―securing the future that is here now will be part of the discussion.  I wouldn’t forget. 😉

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