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Did Someone Say iPhone?

June 27, 2007 - 0 Comments

It hasn’t gotten much coverage lately, but apparently Apple is launching their iPhone this Friday at 6PM or thereabouts. Our good friends at AT&T are providing the service plans and by all the accounts I have read Apple will sell well more than 100 in the first day. (I should point out that math is not my strong point.)It looks like a super cool new device and I certainly wish them all the luck in the world. As a matter of fact, I e-mailed with one of Apple’s PR people last week to grab an icy cold beverage on the first day of summer and they said they would love to get together but they were likely going to be too busy working on their iPhone launch. My immediate response, of course, was the Cisco iPhone? It got a smile.You may have read about Cisco and Apple’s “discussion” on the iPhone name earlier this year. It ended amicably and the good people at Apple are now using the iPhone name and we have an agreement with Apple to make our respective products more interoperable. So, consumers win all the way around…something that we are trying harder and harder to make happen as we dip our toes into the consumer market. You may already have a Linksys wireless router in your home…or a Scientific Atlanta set-top TV box…now, if you like, you can also get a Cisco iPhone alongside your Apple iPhone.To be sure today’s Cisco iPhone and the Apple iPhone are different animals, but they both hold one thing in common: the network is the platform for their ability to communicate. Networks are enabling new and interesting applications and collaborative technologies every day and the Apple iPhone is a great example of this.So, congratulations to Apple for what seems like a great product (ahem, friends at Apple, if you would like me to review one I’d be happy to) and congratulations to their marketing and PR teams for creating a sensation well before the product has even come to market. I, for one, must be susceptible to their messages as I had an iPhone dream last night…which I admit, when you get into my subconscious, kind of freaks me out. It was likely the YouTube video of the skateboarding bulldog (which you can also see in the commercial on Apple iPhone’s homepage.)

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