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Customer Support Phone Number for Linksys in U.S.: (800) 326-7114

November 30, 2007 - 57 Comments

The day after Thanksgiving in the U.S., Linksys offered a special on its Wireless-G Home Router (WRH54G). Because this product is also offered in India, Linksys unintentionally failed to change the tech support number supplied with the product on materials in the box (Quick Install Guide and User Manual). The technical support number is a Toll-Free 1800 number owned by Linksys in India intended for our customers in India. Because of this error, customers who purchased the product in the US have a 1800 technical support number that does not dial into Linksys technical support. Linksys is aware of the incorrect phone number on the materials in the WRH54G box. We are currently finding a solution to this issue and apologize for any inconvenience or embarrassment this has caused to our customers. In the meantime we are instructing customers who require support on this product to call the correct number at: (800) 326-7114.

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  1. I am so anoyed i spent the whole of my weekend with talking to linksys couster support and at the end i just got told we are sorry but we cant help you becouse you have no Bludy warrent on your router i felt like smashing up the router ( dose any body know a free linksy coustmer support and Free ) i realy dont want to spend £30.00 on jus finding out my password ITS JUST SAD ;

  2. I called about initializing a new E2000 rouoter, which had a continuously blinking Power light (indicating it's stuck in a loop in its boot diagnostics). The guy connected to my PC and told me I couldn't connect to the unresponsive router because of "junk files" on my PC (he noticed I had 40mb of files in my Temp folder). I said the router is bricked, and I've set up other routers. He then told me he could sell me an app for $39.99 to fix my 'junk files' and the router problem. I always swore by Linksys, and figured their acquisition by Cisco would make them better; however I've had nothing but disappointment since then. Sorry to say, I'll never buy another Linksys product.

  3. we just purchased a wireless router (E4200) the port forwarding is not working. They forwarded my call to a "Tech support" person and they wanted $79!!! its 2 days old!!!!!! they try to help,get stuck, and just hang up. You need to call back NUMEROUS TIMES to talk with someone who even understands what your problem is. I reccommend you do not waste your money on Cisco/Linksys . ours was 200 bucks! and a 35 dollar trendNet router is working just fine. (it was there before and went back into service)

  4. I have never been more INSULTED by a "customer service" line in my life. What legitimate company CHARGES for tech support? $30 for one-time support- so the rude jerkoff in India can tell me to hit the reset button on my router??? Is that a joke! I am thinking of getting a new router from another company because of this. Your company is a JOKE.

  5. A neighbor gave me his Linksys WRT54G wireless router, without the manual. I called Linksys to help me set it up with my existing ATT DSL but they said they can't unless I buy a $29.99 service warrenty which will be good for 14 DAYS (!)of service help. This would give me the ability to ask them to help me step through the set up process. Isn't that a bit expensive just to have someone help me connect the device? Realistically how long should it take a professional to set it up with me, i was thinking 15 minutes. ???

  6. You can get a supervisor at customer service if you tell the rep who answers that you will post their name and badge on the blog if they don't transfer you quickly. I had called three times before that and got dead air when I asked to be connected. After suggesting that I would post the rep's name and badge I was magically transferred. Still didn't get my problem solved but it wasted less of my time.

  7. It is complete Bullsh*t that you have to PAY to change your password if your router is out of warranty!!! Who does that? That is just corporate greed at its most extreme! I paid for this router...I own this router, it works fine, and I should be able to change my password without paying a fee! Its outrageously greedy for LINKSYS to charge its customers to change a password. I am disgusted!!!

  8. I have a Linksys router and it works perfectly and everything but i was wondering because my son has a PSP and he wanted to get internet on it but we can't because it asks for a WEP key and an SSID but i have no idea of what those are. Please Help.ASAP

  9. I personnally will NEVER buy another Lynksis product again. Having a problem connecting to internet. My Lynksis router will be a year old in February and they want to charge me $39.95 for a six month service fee and to update my software. Oh and not to worry!!! lol This is terrible. I will go to my computer repairman and buy the product he sells. Lynksis will only let one laptop at a time on. It says I need a code. WHAT??? I have never needed one before. Why now? Has anyone had this problem before? I bet after tomorrow I won't. Buying some other brand.

  10. Looking into buying a Linksys wired routerHad bought a dlink 7 hours spent on phone support trying to setup a wireless networksons computer after installing wireless adapter card was getting white screen with lines running through desktop monitor.Would only gett 33% signal strength no connection within 40 feet of wireless router.Took the hardware back to futureshop for refund.Hope Linksys support is better.

  11. your customer service sucks. i just waited an hour

  12. Linksys has some of the worst tech support ever. I just purchased a new router and phoned them for assistance with the wireless portion. They want to CHARGE me for technical support on a brand new product. The reps in India are very hard to understand, the phone connection is poor and they are pushy to the point of being rude. He insisted on connecting into my PC remotely, insulted me by telling me that if he instructed me on how to do it I would probably mess it up and then told me that I have to pay for support on a brand new N Ultra router. I have decided to take it back and buy something else not made by Cisco. They have lost a loyal customer.

  13. The person over-sea did understand what my issue was. “My Issue was (When I connect to the internet and someone tried to connect, I get drop off the internet as-well it very slow) Note: we have two laptop- Wireless, One Computer Linksys network card, Linksys WRT300N,” She had me on the phone for 2hour, Configuring Network Settings in windows Ip-config setting we did nothing wireless settings on the wireless router. I ask for her supervisor after the first hour, she told me her supervisor would not talk me now, to keep working with me “ as I heard him in the background telling her what to say to me”I asked her if she is new their “no 10years” I ask her to transferred to another person in the next level of support, she stated that I would have to pay her $9.99, I asked Why, for software to remote in to my computer ; you want to CHARGE me for technical support after you are the one that screwed it up, and how you plan to remote in, I have no way to download the software because you screw-it-up. I am done with you Please put me on with your supervisor “After 4.5 hour, I got to talk to the supervisor and guest-what! He was just as bad as the first person. I got pissed-off so much, I just hung-up. I had to pay someone to fix my computer. This support was just as bad as calling tech support @ MICROSOFT. And what sad is- I have all Linksys Network products. Please keep the tech support within the countries, we dill with stress everyday please do not add to it. AMERICA'S NO. 1 HEALTH PROBLEM STRESS"

  14. I have been a linksys customer for years and have always had brand loyalty to these products. I called in for the 1st time because Im having issues with my wireless router disconnecting and reconnecting. The tech. support representative informed me that my free"" support expired 18 days ago and I would need to pay $40! I paid over $200 for their products last year how is this free! I work at a tech company with over 40,000 employees and I will make sure to let everyone know about this incident and my experience with their support. I will NEVER buy linksys again, I guess it pretty obvious that cisco/linksys does not need customer loyalty nor do they care about customer satisfaction."

  15. what should i do if i forgot my password

  16. Just read all the posts while I wait to be escalated to a manager. All negative comments are true- I just heard the same stuff of why they cannot help me unless I pay.

  17. linksys sucks... highly recommend you go buy another brand router

  18. I've been using a wrt54g router for a few years now. My son is trying to get his XBOX on-line and the router is getting in the way. It looks like all that is needed is a firmware upgrade but I cannot find any mention of it on the cisco site. So I will buy a new router - and it won't be a linksys, or cisco, or whatever in the he|| they want to call themselves. After reading these horror stories, I will never buy from this company again.

  19. Hi we have almost 70 WAP4400N APs, i am trying to find out a support phone number in UAE but couldnt find any in the linksys site. It seems that we have made a mistake of purchasing this product.

  20. Im trying to add a new wireless device to my linksys easylink advisor but when i come to the which connection type would you like to add it only has wired connection lit up so i can only click on that one but it has wireless connection to but i cant click on it and i want to connect with wireless but it wont let me add the new device.....

  21. I switched internet providers. My 2 wire was not working with linksys. I called for help and they told me it would cost $80.

  22. hello i need help bad i have a linksys wireless router model wrt54g and i cant to seem to get it to connect to my laptop to connect to the internet or go on wifi with my ds i need help plz send step by step instrctions that is easy to understand and i have windows xp windows xp

  23. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!! is all i can say... almost makes me want to vomit!!!.... first rep who ansered... she hung up on me... blaming my phone conection... I call back... this indian dude puts me on hold... waited 10 mins and he by accident put me back on line without realising it and him and his co-workers were goofing around... so I hung up... and that point abandoned... my find then tried on his on and the managed to RIP HIM OFF FOR 40$... AND NEVER FIXED THE PROBLEM... I FROM NOW ON RECOMMEND D-LINK!!!

  24. This Linksys WRT54G owner is NOT satisfied. Web based system setting pages are all screwed up. Have latest firmware per their web site, but can't use web interface utilities to flash ROM. Tech support wants $30 just to talk to someone, and they say they can help configure. I don't need help configuring, just the firmware which mysteriously stopped working last week. For a little more than Linksys' tech support cost, I can buy a different brand that has killer support. Goodbye Linksys!

  25. Whew!!! based on the preceeding comments I'm afraid to call linksys w/my problem. (My Linksys will not read my new modem) I certainly don't want to wait 30-40min only to talk for another 20min about my problem and then having to pay 30-120 dollars for them to tell me they might be able to fix it or buy a new router. It seems that I'll be better off buying from somewhere else.

  26. your service is nothing but a huge joke, i have a simple issue to resolve any your agent wants to charge me 39.99 because my router is not under warranty!whats the point of a Customer service that doesn't service"" their customers!ill never buy a linksys again."

  27. WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!! RIP OFF OF A COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!


  28. i recently changed my router to belkin N-series. all my computers including laptop are working fine except 1 that is using Linksys wireless adapter model no. WUSB54GC (manufactured 01/2007). is it compatible? how do i get it to work? pls help. thanks.

  29. I am happy with my linksys product. i had to wait for 23 mins till my call got answered.They said my product was not supported since it was old and charged me 30$ but my internet started working within 15-20m ins. thanks to linksys tech support. i appreciate the knowledge and patience of you guys.

  30. Dis is insane dat i hv to pay once again beacuase my free technical support period is expired,I would definitely move to another router company.

  31. I had a power outtage on my 2.4G and when it came back on, my router is not letting me on the internet. Is there a way that I can tell if it is fried or reset it without calling into tech support?

  32. I did read some comments and my problem is: I don't dare to open my router because of a warning by ziggo that connection with windows vista and windows ME will fail tt the latter. is this true?? who knows the right answer can email me; thanks - Jan

  33. Linksys Customer Service Sucks !!!!

  34. About 5 months ago I purchased a WRT54GT V1 router and a WUSB54GC adapter. Every 4 to 6 weeks, I cannot connect. After spending an hour or so with tech support the problem is fixed, except one time I had to pay postage to return the adapter. Now tech support cannot get me connected and identified both router and adapter as defective. But when I then contacted customer support, only the adapter was authorized for replacement. Linksys allows only 1 product to be authorized per tech support contact! So I had to spend another hour with tech support repeating the same process for the adapter to also be authorized. Linksys will pay shipping for the adapter, I having already paid the first time, but absolutely refuses to pay shipping for the router. Will be again weeks without internet access. And Linksys thinks it appropriate for me to pay shipping again, when maybe it was the router which should have been replaced to begin with, effectively increasing my purchase price. So now I am paying more for a product that doesn't work and I wish I hadn't bought. I will never buy a Linksys product again. I am not even allowed to ship the router and adapter together because apparently the receiving clerk cannot pull up on the computer one of the two RMA numbers I would put on the outside of the box and see it is for the adapter and see the router and adapter in the box and figure out which item it applies to. Dealing with Linksys has been torture.


  36. I was helped today by the best!!! Badge ID 10338. You guys rock thanks for all the help!

  37. Linksys customer support is great! How could you spend a long time waiting with them? It took me like 10 seconds to talk with them, and they fixed my terribly working router in about 20 minutes!

  38. Yes, I agree with those in previous posts. My linksys wrt54gs wireless router connects/disconnects whenever it wants to, has a mind of its own. Have just had to get use to getting up and unplugging the router for 10 seconds every 30-60 mins. cause thats all they will tell u to do. Usually right when I am in the middle of something important. Very frustrating. Worthless product and an even more worthless company. Be prepared to shell out at least $30 just for regular tech support that most other companies include with their product. But then again most companies care about their product. And yes their customer service is horrible. It's outsourced so yes you will be talking to somebody in India or Malasia or wherever, it is called outsourcing and it is a technique that very cheap companies that make cheap products use to save money, be prepared for somebody who knows nothing about the product and only reads from a computer screen if they can even afford those, maybe they use books.. it is very much like talking to a robot.But yes we are spoiled. People in Africa don't even have computers much less reliable routers. Spoiled or not though,I will never buy from Linksys again.

  39. Currently I have nothing wrong with my modem/router, but I did however, call Linksys, and they fail hard, you guys suck, I waited 30 mins, talked for 1 hour about what everything would cost and they estimated 'If the problem continues to buy a new router and update it the estimated price will be 120$ No way!

  40. There customer service sucks. They dont have customer service unless you pay them. Why not put it on the recording stating if its over a year we charge for everything. It's not right to charge someone for that to begin with but if you are going to do that be somewhat ethical and let us know. I waited on my cell for about 40 minutes then the rep talked to me for about another 20 minutes to then tell me they wont help me unless I pay, thats unethical, unprofessional, unamerican, and just plaing wrong. Put it on your box and I would have never bouht it to begin with. Instead of paying them $40 I just went and bought another router from another company and verified they will help me for free no matter how long Ive owned it.

  41. I called and asked for my key # and they wanted to charge me $40. Talk about highway robbery. I asked a friend when he came over and he got it in 2 seconds. I will never buy anything from them again and no one lese should. All the other router companies help out no matter how long ago you bought it. I know its really not the reps just another example of greed in business america that has this economy this way. They should be ashamed of themsleves. I passed i ton to channel 9 in hopes they do an investigation report on it so all consumers know and sne tit off to better business burea also.

  42. Horrible, i have never called linksys before but last week my computers stopped connecting to my WRTG54 router. Like the others it is out of warrenty and they want 30 bucks!!!!!!!!!!Just to talk to them for support. I paid 70bucks for the product. I will avoid this company at all costs from now on. what a bunch of crap

  43. If I am in Canada, and I call this number do I have to put a 1 before the number like this for example: 1(800) 326-7114

  44. I think its stupid that I paid over $100 for a top of the line linksys router and when I go to get help with my router I have to pay $40 for 6 months of tech support when all I need to know is why my linksys router connects and disconnects when it wants to. I'll remember that next time I go out and buy a router.

  45. this is pitiful i called linksys to try and help figure out a problem and just for support they are trying to charge me a fee of 40 dollars crazy right?

  46. I called the support number had to wait to talk to someone. He could not help me so I was tranfered to another person and got disconnected had to call back and once again no results. I could not understand the person I was speaking to, he was in Malasa.I was calling from my digital phone not having any idea that I was not even talking to someone here in the USA. I was shocked to find out he was in another country.I had better not get charged for the call. You really need to improve your customer service.Very unsatisfied.

  47. Is it me or does linksys customer support sucks,I got a brand new router a little over a year ago. My laptop crashed so I sent it in and thay sent me a new one. So I went to hook up my wireless printer is asked for a network key, so I gave linksys a call, thay told me that it was out of warranty so it will cost me $60 for a network key, I got it for $70. So if I knew what I know now I would not of wasted my money. I will tell any one to buy a cisco product.

  48. I have a WRT54G. I use a desktop which is getting a connection and now my lap top is not. I was reconfiguring my laptop, now I am having difficulty getting access on my lap top. This should be a simple customer service question of possible password reset/etc. Why should I have to pay to talk to a special technician for a simple fix?

  49. I recently performed a firmware upgrade on my WRT54GS V.6 Wireless router. firmware V1.52.5 build 002, Jan 9 2009Since that upgrade my original EasyLink Advisor no longer recognizes my router. All configuration now is via the browser.

  50. Contact information for Cisco is located on our website at:

  51. need the toll free contact number for cisco to contact cisco

  52. I have a Linksys wrt150nv1.1, Serial # cq611g700445. The wrt lost it's ability to communicate with my modem. I unplugged the wrt, modem and my computer. I reconnected all power. The computer and the modem came up with no problem. All the lights on the wrt came on for a second, then all light went out except the power light which remaims lit but dimly. The power light seems to be half"" lit. Any suggestions as to how to achieve ""fullpower"" and the ability to use my wrt?Thanks,Tom"

  53. All three of my laptops that are connected by linksys wireless cannot access a particular website. If I bypass home access and access the website using my office connection, I can access the website fine. What could be the problem?

  54. I am currently trying to install a WRT54G i received from a friend....and i dont have any idea how to completely reset it so i can change the passoword and username...or if its even possible..and it would be a help if your customer support didnt have a lady telling you to push 800 buttons for stuff that i dont operator option might be nice...think about adding one.

  55. I think it is insane that I should have to wait an hour to talk to someone.I am still on hold with LYNKSYS.You need more help or a better system for customer service. I am very disappointed.

  56. Dear Customer Support,I have a WRT54G version 2 router (wireless) but when my laptop is in its docking station, it's a hard wire connection (right?). When I contacted Comcast about slow speeds, they wrote, Dear Richard Gureghian,Thank you for taking the time to write us.We are not showing any speed or data packet loss on the side of the modem. The following is the test results of your modem.50 packets transmitted, 50 packets received, 0% packet loss, avg / max =63.75 / 65.87 / 71.58 msWe do show that you are using a Linksys router. Please make sure the router has updated firmware and that is it not a 802.11 B series routers. The older routers do not have the ability to support the higher speeds and will actually cause you to have your speed cut in half.""Do I, in fact, need a firmware update? If so, what is this and how do I go about getting it?Thanks for any help.Richard"