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Continuing Cisco’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

December 17, 2009 - 17 Comments

As you may know, Cisco turned 25 last week, and as part of the celebration Cisco employees were invited to submit videos for a global “Cisco’s Got Talent” competition. We thought we’d share a bit of our (non-technology) Cisco talent.  Here’s a clip of some of the submissions we received.

Throughout our 25th year, we will be spotlighting video interviews with various Cisco employees, customers and partners across the globe to get their perspectives working with Cisco and how Cisco will have an impact on the world 25 years from now. Our first interview is with Tae Yoo, Cisco’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs.

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  1. 25 years is long year, congratulation guys

  2. Wow! Congratulations, guys! This is very good age :)

  3. Congrats with the 25 years!Regards.

  4. Congratulation with the 25 years!

  5. Congratz Cisco, Im a ccna myself :P always glad to see how Cisco transform each year and become partner to everyone. :-D, keep the good things coming to us.

  6. ¡Congratulations Cisco! for the 25 years.

  7. My congratulations! 25 years is something fantastic!

  8. Congratulations to the 25 years I think it is really a long time ...

  9. ¡¡¡Congratulations!!! 25 years is a really long term.

  10. Wow, 25 years. Wish I'd been a part of the company in the early days, can you imagine what the original stockholders' stakes are worth? Congrats on 25 years and am always watching interesting moves the company makes with acquisitions like Flip"" :)"

  11. My congrats!!! The 25 years is a really long term

  12. :-) i like the Cisco’s Got Talent"" name! Funny! Anyway, congratulation for 25 years, without your VPN solution, my online trading would not be possible!"

  13. Has Cisco really been in biz for 25 years? Man I remember when they first went public and I picked up some of the stock cheap and watched it shoot up like crazy. Wish it was still at that peak. Great company though. I don't own any of it anymore, but keep up the innovation.

  14. Congratulations for the celebration!Next 25 years will be better than now!

  15. wow 25 years damn goodluck

  16. Congratulations Tae Yoo. I'm CCNP certified, and will try to work at Cisco in few months.

  17. Congrats Cisco and another 25 years in prosperity.