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Content Delivery: What, Where, When, and How You Want It

June 21, 2007 - 0 Comments

Today’s keynote speakers reinforced key themes from Cisco’s service provider and IPNGN strategy. Ivan Seidenberg, Chairman of Verizon, discussed how 21st century communication technology is the disruptive force for the millennium and how the network is the platform delivering new forms of content: interactive television, mobile entertainment and communication at work, home or on the move. Verizon’s FIOS network will offer massive bandwidth to the home to support a plethora of new personalized entertainment experiences for customers and embedded devices with wireless technology will unify the communication experience. Video is a Driving Force in the Telecommunications IndustryDuration: 1 min. 15 sec.Ed Zander, CEO of Motorola, outlined key technology drivers: 1.) Content creation moving to spontaneous generation, 2.) Content distribution moving away from TV Broadcast to a Personanet — community content by and for individuals 3.) Content presentation moving from a single screen to multiple screens 4.) Content delivery moving from time-shifted to place-shifted where”follow me” entertainment can go form at will room-to-room or place-to-place pausing and restarting on either fixed and mobile devices 5.) Content consumption moving to participatory broadcast with interactive real-time audience participation over the InternetMobilizing, personalizing and socializing content drives change and the network brings it all together. Cisco’s many screens to many devices using an all-encompassing IPNGN network supporting Video 2.0 echoes the vision outlined by each of these industry speakers.Finally, Bob Wright, Vice Chairman of General Electric’s content subsidiaries emphasized how content companies are now in the same boat with the service providers working closely with them to distribute content across the IP network in new, unique and exciting ways. It’s refreshing to see that Cisco’s IPNGN strategy is so in synch with what partners and customers are articulating as their new world vision of using the network to deliver entirely new sets of experiences to customers. The business opportunities for us all become endless.More Connected Life Ideas and Thoughts from NXTcomm 2007 AttendeesDuration: 1 min. 33 sec.

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