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Connected Healthcare Takes off in Turkey

October 12, 2009 - 23 Comments

With all the noise surrounding efforts to reform the United States health system it is easy to forget other nations are also modernizing healthcare.

One example of this is in Turkey, where the government has put Cisco technology at the center of its healthcare improvement plans with a Medical-Grade Network pilot at its largest public-funded education and research hospital.

A feature posted today on gives a flavor of some of the many benefits that the Kayseri Research and Training Hospital has seen since adopting the Connected Health technology, following advice from the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG).

And a video on the Cisco channel of YouTube shows graphically how the new IT systems could not only save paper, overheads and administrative time, but also improve the delivery of life-saving information to doctors caring for patients with critical conditions.

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  2. Great Technology BY Cisco. I am sure next time the doctors can operate and care for someone at different country.

  3. To John Vardis: you may be interested to know we are soon hoping to feature a story on an interesting IT application at a major Latin American hospital. Keep an eye on

  4. It is amazing that it is a struggle in the US for health care reform. Other countries already have successful universal health care working wonderfully and many countries are trying to get there.Many citizens of the US just don't understand anything about it.Interesting video.-Paul

  5. Health technology and website are on the rise and CISCO’s technology has played a role in the upstart of these sites like and where many places like Turkey and India start to earn affiliate revenue from sites like and without CISCO the advances would not occur

  6. Sounds like Turkey are starting to pull there finger out when it comes to health care and its about time too. As this country in that respect has failed in the past.

  7. I think Americans often forget the importance of technology in health care. It's truly amazing that we have such advanced technology, yet most doctors' offices (and even many hospitals) are relying on shelves upon shelves of paper for all patient records, scripts, etc.

  8. This is good news, this kind of system would be great in switzerland, do you guys work in switzerland?

  9. This clearly illustrates the benefits of IT. If a reasonably advanced nation such as Turkey can enjoy this success, can you image the difference that could be made in Africa or South America??? Technology can certainly save lives in this example.

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  11. This is what is called advanced telemedicine technology. Hope it's widely used by various medical centers around the world.

  12. Watching on the Video Cisco Channel verry amazing.Very effective and efficient.

  13. Its a sound decision taken by the government of Turkey. I wish my country to adopt this in future.

  14. Awesome site with very valuable information. Thank you so much, I will come back often!

  15. Health services technology from Cisco will be more useful for development in poor countries in Africa for example. So will reduce the death rate of patients. With Cisco's health care physicians in many developing countries will increase their skills.

  16. its really appreciated..people always think that all the latest technology and facilities are only using in US but its not true..great to see that Turkey is using CISCO's technology to get modern medical facility..thanks for the news..

  17. This is interesting, Healthcare is getting hi-tech day by day. I am sure this will ease their work.

  18. Good work guys.Will need to update infrastructure in poor countries.

  19. thanks for the information guysnice post

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  21. it can reduce overhead when refering patient in emergency situation right

  22. I hope someday this will be implemented in Romania as well

  23. Am anticipating such technological advancement in my country too.