Collaboration and Microblogging

October 21, 2008 - 6 Comments

An article in the New York Times on Yammer and Twitter caught my eye this morning. I’ve been experimenting with both sites and much to my surprise, I’ve actually added them to my regular tech routine. Even more relevant to our world was the accompanying blog pondering the business value of microblogging. Here at Cisco, we believe that collaboration is the future and recognize that as business becomes increasingly digital, work is more of an activity than a place you commute to every morning. Definitely feels like microblogging can be another tool for real-time collaboration, don’t you think?I guess only time will tell, but I’m seeing some breakthroughs- finding a new website or tool (like Twirl), reading an article recommended by a contact, knowing that a colleague is in Beijing for a week, and in the same stream getting the latest news from The New York Times or GigaOm. Microblogging is easy to use, keeps me informed, and doesn’t require a response. And when you do want to chime in, the tools make sure you keep it simple. For those of us struggling to control our inboxes, it makes a lot of sense. (although I’m also trying out Xobni for good measure).– Elizabeth McNichols, Director, Corporate Communications

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  1. Great information. I’m fairly new to twitter and am struggling a bit to work out how best to use it.Thanks very much for the heads up on Twirl it looks interesting and I’m going to give it a go now!

  2. Yes ,we believe that collaboration is the future and recognize that as business becomes increasingly digital,Thanks for sharing

  3. your link to gigaom is pointing to gigom, not the same thing….

  4. While I do agree that microblogging is easy, I initially had trouble integrating Twitter into my communications routine. Having the tools (I highly recommend Twirl) to quickly access Twitter is the key to my frequent activity. As my frequency of use has increased, so has Twitter’s value in my eyes.

  5. Glad you are enjoying Twitter! Microblogging is really the Web 2.0 version of persistent chat. The later seems to already have enterprise take up, but the former is more efficient and more open.Rather than having to disturb someone to know where there at, I can just check their microblog – saving me and them time. Seems to make good sense. I like your example of sharing in a contact’s discovery.I think the terminology probably puts a lot of businesses off. If the tools were described as a simple and efficient way to share what you are working on, they might capture more interest.Anything that drives more collaboration has got to be a good thing for business.

  6. Elizabeth — Can’t agree more. At first when I tried out Twitter I didn’t really see the best usages and saw it as another ime-waster”” and didn’t really care 1) that some person was “”standing in the security line at XYZ airport. But as I started following (and being followed) by some great contacts, I saw other uses like getting tips on good articles helping me stay on top of current trends, getting instant feedback and tips from a great focus group and even a little marketing along the way. For me, I know count Twitter as a great work tool that helps me stay connected to folks who can help me with my business.”