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Clouds Gathered During Cisco Event: A Good Thing??

December 9, 2011 - 0 Comments

During this time of year, many people look to clouds to help predict any impact the weather will have on their event.

Indeed, this past week here at Cisco, we did exactly that.  Rather than hoping clouds would dissipate and be nonexistent, we sought the exact opposite:  we wanted clouds to come together from around the world to pull off a unique experience for our customers, employees and influencers as part of our global announcement of CloudVerse.

Not content to follow the industry norm for webcasts (executive presentation, customer interview, canned demo, etc), we set out to have our entire launch event be a strong proof point for how organizations can bring together people and resources in a World of Many Clouds.

So how did we do?  To the relief of many, it was a huge success.  We managed to pull off something that no other organization has done before:  we took a live public webcast and bridged it to our live HD video internal company meeting.  This bridge allowed participants on both sides of the firewall to experience how people and resources will come together to collaborate in real time from any location on any device.

For the record, here are some impressive facts about the event:

Connected together were:

  • Over 2,400 participants on a live public Webcast
  • Over 24 executives, reporters and industry analysts in the Cisco TV studio audience
  • People and resources in more than 90 countries
  • 18 locations around the world using full HD TelePresence to bring together customers, industry leaders and employee sites
  • Cisco’s Advanced Scenario Testing facility where the “TelePresence Arena” can bring in up to 300 video streams from any connected devices around the world in a 360 degree view
  • Approximately 7,500 employees watching a live company meeting with John Chambers, either in person or on their desktop system, laptop, handheld device, tablets and other network-connected devices from all around the world

So why is this significant?

  1. It shows the confidence we have in our systems to do this in front of customers, the media, and our competitors (yes, we know you were watching).
  2. Only a few years ago, doing something such as this would have taken an army of satellite trucks stationed at the major locations.  Now we leverage the clouds and a cloud intelligent network.
  3. It shows just how far we’ve come in terms of global reach.  One Cisco participant from the south of France exclaimed: “I cannot believe how brilliant this stream is….give me Video and Cloud – yeehaaa.”

It’s moments like this when we realize how fortunate we all are to live in a time when such connections are even possible.

No doubt, with more public, private and hybrid clouds forming to enable collaboration, we will continue to be amazed by what the Human Network can do.

(And, if you haven’t already, please check out Cisco’s Cloud Index.)

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