City of the Future

January 8, 2012 - 21 Comments

Have you ever heard the phrase “the person that thinks the world revolves around them?” If that person lived in the City of the Future, that statement might not be far from the truth.

A smarter energy grid could cut energy costs in half. More personal retail experiences could use location-based technology. More efficient health care could be available.

For example, innovation will change public transportation – and the resident’s experience. Thanks to next-generation internet routing technology enabling “internet everywhere” and near field communication (NFC) technology, public transportation will become more personal. Smart devices will be able to load your personal profile onto the bus and make specifications for physical objects like seat height or populating a public screen with your personal workspace for productivity on the go. Transit systems in the City of the Future could also serve as a depot for mail delivery, food pick up or even dropping off dry-cleaning.

Improvements will be made by embedding technology into city development. “The City of the Future” will revolve around the needs of its inhabitants, effectively building a living and breathing human network.

How close are we to living in a city of the future?

In the city of Songdo, South Korea, citizens are nearer to this concept than most.   See how Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities solutions are helping make the City of the Future a reality today:

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  1. India is building its own future city in the state of Gujarat code named GIFT – Gujarat International Finance Tec-City.

  2. I really love to see the Cisco contribution on the Topic
    Vision is very Close to us.

  3. The telepresence is cool stuff, this coupled with analytics + collboration that one can leverage.. this will be amind blowing place to live

  4. This sounds great. it may be the city of the future.but how many years is this vision away?

  5. There’s a very small difference between old city and future city in my country.

  6. Sounds like really cool. What do you think, how many years is this vision away?

  7. I’m always sceptical about these “future world” predictions, but i agree at the point that koreans are doing it fine. Let’s see for how long.

  8. Songdo is an example but I think that kind of “City of the future” will be avaliable after at least one century. How do you think?

  9. The City of the Future – ‘We need it! As a Londoner you see the mess we are in. Lets speed it up!’


  10. I can see a brighter future with the help of some great technology around. It would definitely developed our place and makes our lives easier and productive. This is a nice article, it lets me imagine of more cool things to look forward to.

  11. The technologies used in Songdo are already available. The most impressive part about this “City of the Future” is the way that they have implemented and integrated the systems and hardware. It is most exciting to see what Songdo will evolve into several years from now.. but will other cities follow?

  12. This reminds me a bit of the PC game Sim City, the way they’ve started from scratch and are aiming for the perfect city. It’s looking good but what I remember from the game is that it never ends that way!

  13. Very nice Post.
    I live in Brazil and here the things are very different.

    Good post.

  14. I love how cisco is contribution to the modern city with it’s innovations. I liked the cisco telepresense the most as it makes people to be at their home and do business with people around the world. You amaze me!

  15. Reduced energy costs – it’s progressive! I’d like to see the world, twenty years later….

  16. Songdo really good …. this is a city of the future

  17. What do you think, how many years is this vision away?

  18. The city of the Future will be so organized that we will miss the opportunities of discovery and the pleasure of going without knowing!

  19. every person knows that earth revolves around it.this is latest design every person want some new design. this is a latest city of future.

  20. This sounds both great and scary, because “the city” will know everything there is to know about us. This may save time, but will also mean less spontaneity.

    This reminds me of a scene in a movie where, in a city Ads appeared according to the specifications of the person who passed by.

  21. It is really quite amazing when you compare Songdo to the cities we live in, I would very much like to move over there tomorrow. Not much of the technology is really that new or groundbreaking, but putting it all together like that certainly is. This is a great achievement and I hope it sets the scene for future developments.