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Cisco’s Unified Computing System Debuts

It has been hard sitting by and watching the rumor mill go into overdrive but we are finally ready to take the wraps off our innovative new system for the data center … Cisco’s Unified Computing System. Cisco talked previously about delivering on the promise of virtualization through Unified Computing — essentially by creating a “central nervous system” that bridges the silos in the data center via architecture that unites compute, network, storage access, and virtualization resources.Many reports have positioned today’s announcement as a blade server launch, and while there is a compute element to Cisco’s Unified Computing System, it is much more than that… Cisco’s Unified Computing System is unique in that it is the first integrated system to bring together physical and virtual compute resources plus networking technology to create a unified computing fabric.Cisco’s focus today is on market transitions, market expansion, world-class partnerships and innovation. It is not on a single product, and it’s not on entering an already crowded market with a “me too” product. We believe that there is an opportunity to provide unique, specialized solutions in the data center that are different in form, customer benefits and business model than the current computing environment.We are thrilled to have so many industry leading companies join Cisco’s open partner ecosystem for Unified Computing. It is true validation of the architecture and one of the most effective ways to accelerate the transformation of the data center with Unified Computing. Just as we’ve been delivering our Data Center 3.0 strategy for the past 18 months, we will continue to innovate in Unified Computing and will deliver more partnerships, products and services in the future to enable our customers to reap the benefits of this new approach.Now that we’ve gotten to the real thing instead of speculation, what do you think? Join the conversation on Twitter

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  1. UCS coming from CISCO definitely opens up vistas that has not been explored thus far. Makes it more easier to sell. A couple of questions though. Why adapt the egenera bladeframe now? And how is this different or why has the adaptation not gone the whole mile?

  2. I just published a blog and I had talked about Unified Computing: