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Cisco’s “Take Your Children to Work Day”

July 12, 2007 - 0 Comments

Children of Cisco* employees (age 8 and older, I believe) were invited to come to work with their parents today. There is a big tent in the side parking lot next to our HQ building and our CEO John Chambers talked to the children and parents earlier this morning. I’m usually a forgiveness rather than permission type guy and I would have used my super-cool Web 2.0 phone (Nokia E61i – just got it yesterday…so far, so good) to video part of his talk, but it was an internal event and I didn’t think it would be fair to take advantage. I did take a picture of the banner welcoming the kids…(see below).I’m a new parent…my five-month old son is coming in to work later for a little ice cream gathering for our team (no age restrictions) – but what I don’t understand about this event, however, is why aren’t the kids working? This is “take your kids TO WORK” day, right? The only kid I’ve heard or seen working so far is Nicky Palka, son of the inimitable Marty Palka in our Investor Relations group who gives us our each-morning market update. Nicky gave the update this morning and did a great job. Other than that, the kids I’ve seen haven’t been that productive. Maybe it’s a legal or HR thing?I ran into a friend’s kid named Ryan (age 11) and I asked him what he was doing for work while he was at Cisco today. He explained that he and his dad were re-purposing some legos with stickers on them and then would maybe sell them on eBAY. Super cute kid – he kind of looked like a young Harry Potter – but, HELLO!!, how do legos contribute to Cisco’s productivity? AND, he wasn’t even doing it onsite!! I appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit, but while he’s on Cisco’s campus he really should be more of a contributor. Same thing with Claire, a five-year year old of a colleague. I asked her what work she was doing today at Cisco and she just smiled, looked at her mom and shook her head like I was the one who was crazy for asking the question.07122007.jpgAs mentioned, my son, Jack, will be here a little later today and just so I’m not hypocritical about my whole “take your children to work” stance, I’m definitely going to put him on the floor when he gets here and instruct him to eat the lint or crumbs off the carpet…or something. He’s gotta learn young.*And, no, that’s not like Children of the Corn.

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