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Cisco’s Social Media Survey Results

June 16, 2010 - 37 Comments

 The results are in! Take a look at the Slidecast below for a high-level overview of the social media survey that we conducted at the end of May. The full results are also posted here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

*If you’re having audio issues in Firefox, please try to re-open the post in Internet Explorer. Sorry for any inconvenience Firefox users.

What is your first impression of the results? Is there anything surprising about these numbers? What’s not reflected in these results that you would like to see?

Please feel free to share this presentation but please credit Cisco social media. We will be posting more, in-depth analysis concerning the results of this survey in the following weeks so follow us on Slideshare or check back regularly.

Special thanks to those who participated in the survey!

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  1. That’s not a bad response to the survey at all! 1500 odd people is fairly decent. I am not surprised that students were the second largest audience who participated in this survey since they make a up a huge portion of social media users.I like the fact that ‘Networking’ was the most favored technology topic, this certainly is my favorite news topic!Thanks for providing these results to us.Josh

  2. Hi Everyone,Thanks for reading my post and commenting. Comments for this post are now closed. If you’d like to ask me any follow up questions please find me on Twitter –

  3. Yeah, I like podcasts. I rather watch a video than read. Thanks for sharing these results.

  4. Hey Everyone, thanks for reading and commenting on my post. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I noticed there are a few of you who were surprised by the interest in video among our respondents, which is absolutely fine; this post was created to educate. I casually referred to it as “not surprising” simply because video is a top priority at Cisco. We see it as the future (along with social media 😉 @JW Wallace) of the Internet so we are constantly trying to find new ways to harness and utilize the power of video in our day to day jobs. So while it feels like common knowledge on the Cisco campus, I realize it is not ubiquitous across all industries, although it’s getting there at an extremely fast pace.@Film, @Frankie, & @Aaron – I totally agree. Facebook is an absolute powerhouse but every great empire (in history and social media – i.e MySpace, Friendster) eventually falls. Therefore, to me, it’s not a matter of if but when will the power of Facebook decline and who will step up. These privacy issues may be the start of it. Then again….maybe not :)@Mark – The best way to get started with video is to just go out and do it. We here at Cisco all recommend grabbing a Flip,, and shooting anything and everything. The Flipshare software makes it very easy to edit your videos; you can also use programs like MovieMaker, Adobe Premiere, or Final Cut (Mac) to edit. Personally, I find that shooting the video is the easy part, finding/creating compelling content is the real trick.Find me on Twitter –

  5. @Robert – We’re not too surprised that Podcasts were rated so low for several reasons. 1. We haven’t had a tremendous amount of podcast content in the past year, 2. There seems to be sort of a small, niche community that loves to download them and listen

  6. I run variety of affiliate sites and haven’t yet started using video. Personally I’d rather read something than watch a more-time consuming video. But given the results of this survey, I’m going to start working on adding video!

  7. Well I think this project is the proof that social sites will be the new tools of marketing

  8. Very nice slideshow. I love the data and agree with you that video is the future of the internet. I used to go to news sites and blogs for information, now video is so pervasive and easy to access.Keep up the good work.

  9. I think this confirms a growing trend towards the Video and video presentation. Your own site has taken to the use of video and I feel the survey only confirms the future direction. It is good to see these sorts of surveys to see the general impressions in the viewing community is in harmony with the publishers

  10. Wow that was great I’m goner have to start learning how to use power point or somthing any tip’s on were to get started with the video thing?

  11. I think the others will soon grow to compete more fiercely with Facebook due to a lot of Facebook users now closing their accounts due to the constant privacy and TOS changes.

  12. I think other people will soon grow to compete with Facebook because a lot of Facebook users are now close their accounts because of privacy and the changing terms of service become more intense.

  13. The slide cast is very cool…as expected the results are not really new especially the main sources of people who flock the web.

  14. The results are in, social media is truly the wave of the future. Right?

  15. Wow! the numbers look great :DI didn’t think video would top the results :S

  16. Well written presentation , Alex ! Also , the results are interesting.

  17. Nice Slidecast, Alex… Video is king!

  18. Good gathering of info – mostly confirming in numbers what we see daily. Good for planning content formats for programs & campaigns. Keep up the good work Alex.

  19. Excellent post, confirms what we’re seeing on our site, video is having a big impact on educating our customers and conversion. Thanks!

  20. Pretty cool.Sincerely,Brad Reese

  21. Useful blog,videos really are the way forward.

  22. I’m a bit surprised. I was pretty sure Facebook was at the top but I didn’t realize that it was by so much. I think the others will soon grow to compete more fiercely with Facebook due to a lot of Facebook users now closing their accounts due to the constant privacy and TOS changes.

  23. Thanks, Alex nice slides

  24. Although it shouldn’t, the video info was a surprise. Great info! I guess I need to put video projects to work asap.

  25. This is a really useful blog. this will help me with work on my site. Very interesting good work.

  26. As for podcasts, I’m sure they will still have a place in preference to streaming as smart phones continue to increase in popularity.

  27. Hello Alex. Very nice slidecast, hiper interesting!Thank you

  28. Video, video and more video 🙂 Interesting to see the full results. I’m guessing blogs would jump up the list if people included more videos within their blog posts 😉 Thanks for the info, Alex!

  29. Well videos on web can be better then reading tons on text. It just makes learning way more interesting and interactive

  30. Video top again. The trend couldn’t be clearer if it were in 3D.As for podcasts, I’m sure they will still have a place in preference to streaming as smart phones continue to increase in popularity.Mobile users will still need specific web design for their phones, however TabletPCs may be the exception.

  31. I was actually surprised to see the popularity of posting videos! Then you said there was
    o surprise there!”” I suppose that I think of the quality of production and don’t just count any video… but obviously I need to rethink that and start recording ;).”

  32. Thank you Alex. Nice slidecast.

  33. Nothing far from the expected results, in my opinion. Very interesting see where people come from, a lot of diversity in home countries.

  34. interesting — long-form feature articles fared better than i expected.

  35. Interesting that Podcasts got such a poor response. I have found podcasts more convenient (I can listen on the way to work) and more interesting than most blogs.

  36. Yeah you have given something interesting where time gives more than it’s investment.

  37. Thanks, Alex – really interesting results.