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Survey by Cisco Social Media Communications: “Who are you?”

“I really wanna to know
Oh, I really want to know
C’mon tell me who are you, you, you?
Who are you?”   –  The Who

Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and the boys were ahead of their time.  These lyrics were written in 1978.

Now, Cisco’s Social Media Communications team (the team that produces our corporate newsroom News@Cisco, our corporate Facebook and Twitter presence, etc.) is asking this same question.  Who are you?*

And, what kind of content do you like?  And, what kind of content do you engage with?  We’ve put together this two minute survey asking these questions so that we can better serve you with engaging, social content.

We will leave this survey open for two weeks (survey ends June 8th) and are asking some general, non-personal questions about what content you like and where you access this content.  We’ll use this information to help build our next-generation, social news site.  And, if you want to see the results of our survey, just supply your e-mail at the end of the survey and we’ll send you the results (please note that we won’t use your e-mail for any other purpose).

So, thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to take our survey and helping us better serve you with great engaging videos, great articles, great podcasts, great blogs, great photos and a great, overall social experience at Cisco.

Thank you for taking the two-minute survey here.  And, please feel free to forward this survey to any interested friends in technology.


*Who is Cisco Social Media Communications?

You can follow many of us on our Twitter feeds:






and me, @urnhart

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  1. In the end my friend it is not who you are, but who you believe you are. Social media is all about the illusion of how people appear to be in your eyes, and not who they actually are behind closed doors…

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results of the survey. Should be a really interesting read and great point made by Steve G”” – how are you gong to sort this?”

  3. Looking forward to the result.

  4. Just took the survey and it definetly interested in seeing the results on the 8th

  5. its very much interesting to see the expected results always…will wait till that

  6. You guys are on point with your social media initiatives. I’ve said it before on this blog, but it seems like you guys actually “get it”. “”Can’t agree more. really good stuff again from the platform.”

  7. Just took the survey cant wait to see the results

  8. I’ve just taken the survey and the question are really great. I can’t wait to see the survey results on June 8th.

  9. Thanks for arranging it. This way we can share our actual view and what we want from here.

  10. I always like when they make a survey, it’s called real customer service!

  11. It is clear from portals like twitter and google that people want just that, a portal. No fuss, no adds, just what they need when they need it. Good song btw.

  12. It actually is a good idea. It would be awesome if they post the results.

  13. Trying to compete for the attention of viewers with all the comparable sites is a huge task in itself. But if you break away and develop a new strategy you sould be infront of all that. Good luck.

  14. Consuming information is very interesting, WHO ARE YOU wicked way to start the survey. Can’t wait for the result. I’ll participate 🙂

  15. engagement is like a prisoner

  16. Just took the survey ! I’m waiting to see the part of technology topics in the results of this survey. Anyway Is there lot of foreign bloggeurs here ? i’m from France and it would nice to know the part of european countries in the stats

  17. I would be interested to see how many responses you get. Excersizes like these can either be a boon or a bust for information. I hope you get all the information you need.

  18. It’s really nice to see a company actually looking for honest and open feedback on what information they could provide to help their readers and customers, as opposed to trying to force their agenda on customers and tell them what hey really need.”” Well done!”

  19. I can’t wait to see the poll results. I must agree with Steve though. In what other ways will you be reaching out for non biased results?

  20. I like how you engage your readers to know more about them. Taking initiative to understand us will always take you a step further. This is great!

  21. just completed the survey a while back

  22. I am a scholar of anthropology who is very interested in the social dynamics of society. technology as one part of the cultural elements of society that developed quite dynamically in recent years in my country ( Indonesia). for that I can not wait to see the results of your survey respondents, especially coming from our country.

  23. Interesting questions.Survey ends on June 8. You will get ton’s of feed back I guess.

  24. I reported based upon my general usage, but it would be interesting to also separately report my personal and business activities. This separation would make for more interesting survey results.

  25. This surveys is not a bad idea but it’s up to you to find original and new kind of content, way to communicate with us, etc…You may do a little brainstorming in order to achieve that !

  26. Thanks – I will take the survey… 🙂

  27. I am looking forward to see the results of the survey. It will be interesting to see the results.

  28. Just took the survey, and am curious about the results. @ Steve G, I think that is sort of the point. They’re looking at their most active followers (those who would be subscribed to their blog, for example), to see how they can best communicate with them. Expanding their audience will simply be a pleasant side effect of appealing to the core user group.

  29. Another great post John. It is always neat to look back at people ahead of their time, and think who is ahead of their time right now.

  30. I’ve peek at the survey. Good questions i want to see the results this coming June as i want also to see how people find information and where they share it and what people are looking for.

  31. Hi John,very good question!I would like to see the results as soon as possible.

  32. I participated in the survey with a pleasure and it’s really interesting to receive the results!

  33. Just Took The Survey. The questions are great and just reflects what a person needs in this web world.!

  34. You guys are on point with your social media initiatives. I’ve said it before on this blog, but it seems like you guys actually get it””. I’ll be sure to take the survey.”

  35. It will be interesting to see the results, but is the survey advertised on other mediums? Otherwise the data will be biased towards those who already subscribe to blogs, in fact, to those who specifically read this blog!

  36. Good questions in the Survey dude. Want to see the results as soon as possible.

  37. I am looking forward to the 8 of june to see the results of the survey. I think plenty of the readers is just tech nerds(like me) or people trying to find information.

  38. Good question set out there in survey. Thanks for arranging it. This way we can share our actual view and what we want from here.

  39. Very good idea to gather user information to provide a more focused blog experience, looking forward to see the changes in the site.

  40. I find it fascinating how people consume their information. We assume everyone consumes like we do.Can’t wait til the results are published.