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Cisco Statement on Inclusion in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

June 1, 2009 - 4 Comments

Cisco is honored to be included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. We believe our inclusion in the Dow demonstrates not only Cisco’s role as a broad technology indicator, but how remarkably the Internet and networking have transformed the way businesses and consumers connect, communicate and collaborate.

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  1. This is a historic milestone. Being one of the first tech companies to be included in a while at DOW !!Here is the list of all the dow30 companies Welcome Cisco !!

  2. Hi John,Thanks for the very nice video link...enjoyed it.I have a couple suggestions for possible 'takeovers' for Cisco to look at.#1. UTStarcom, Inc (UTSI) ~ They have a big 'foothold' in china when it comes to IPTV services...maybe a good outlet for Scientific Atlantic,s...IPTV Set Top Boxs etc... Cisco really needs to step up here...China = Growth.#2. SeaChange International (SEAC) ~ Some Amazing digital video systems and services. Would be a huge complement to Cisco's current products and services.Just..IMHOThanks again for your post of the Video.Best,DanCa, USA

  3. Story...and Video of Cisco EVP and CFO Frank Calderoni talking to Bloomberg TV about being added to the Dow:

  4. Hi,I think its great for the company and its future! Congrats!DanCa, USA___