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Cisco Recognized for Ethics and Social Innovation

     It’s been quite a month.  For the third year running, Cisco has been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2010 by Ethisphere Institute.  The World’s Most Ethical Company designation is awarded to those companies that have leading ethics and compliance programs, particularly as compared to their industry peers.

Cisco Networking Academy, now in its second decade, is also the recent recipient of The Financial Times-Justmeans Social Innovation Award for Best Stakeholder Engagement.  The Social Innovation Awards present a forum for organizations to highlight their latest concepts and practical applications to improve and advance social needs and better business.   

At Cisco we are proud and honored to be recognized for our commitment to and focus on doing good.  

More information on Cisco and Corporate Social Responsibility here.

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  1. Hi,This may be totally off topic from this blog but I wasn't sure where else to go.I am currently studying (on my own time) for my CCIE Routing and Switching. I've noticed my friend who has his CISSP is bound by a Code of Ethics.I was wondering are CCIE bound by any such code - and if not, why isn't there a code of ethics for Network Administrator that wield an ever increasing amount of power over their companies operations?I'd appreciate a response to this.Regards,Darrick Lutz

  2. Great post,thanks Robyn. In a perfect world every company would be doing this.

  3. Well Done And Well Deserved!It’s very satisfying to see good behaviour and attitude rewarded and I really believe that it does support the bottom line. I know that when making a significant order I worry, not about Cisco but about suppliers I’ve not worked with. Awards like this give confidence to new buyers and there might be someone some place who hasn’t partnered with you so far.Regards Lou

  4. It sounds good. Thanks for this organization. Congratulations.

  5. Congratulations Cisco! That's a great honor! I think this will sway the decision of my next networking hardware purchase your way by a lot!

  6. Not suprising considering Cisco's committment to give back. Again it is a pleasure to follow such a great company...

  7. Good job Cisco! Congratulations!

  8. Glad Cisco got recognized Robyn, thanks for sharing!

  9. Yes, congratulations!

  10. Cisco really deserves this award. Worked with major business partners (including a large bank) and I am proud to say that the cyst is one of the most ethical ever met.Furthermore it is an innovative and recognized for being unique not only in the area of networks, but in all that it claims to do.Congratulations for the award and I hope to continue maintaining this high level.

  11. Hey Robyn,Great post. Cisco is one of most recognized company for long distance networking. It is nice to hear that Cisco is getting full value of his work by receiving this type of awards.

  12. Now when I talk on my Cisco phone to set up a Cisco teleconference I will be able to remember how ethical you guys are.:)

  13. Social Responsibility is one of the pillars of success in today's business world. Cisco's award shows that it is possible to achieve sustainability while being socially responsible.

  14. Way to go cisco!!! I knew that you would be recognized for all your success. Great job being voted on the list of most ethical companies.