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Cisco Q208 Earnings Report

- February 7, 2008 - 1 Comment

You’ve likely already seen media coverage of our quarterly earnings report today which was announced after market close yesterday, but I thought I’d point you to our News@Cisco site where you can read a Q&A with our Chairman and CEO John Chambers and CFO Dennis Powell, see our earnings press release, and peruse our quarter technology and customer highlights.Says Chambers in the Q&A, “This quarter was another solid quarter with good balanced results from a product, geographic and customer segment perspective. We achieved total record revenue of approximately $9.8B, a 16.5% year-over-year increase. We are pleased with the growth on both the top and bottom lines.”I would also like to highlight a web video interview that Chambers did with BusinessWeek’s Peter Burrows…we obviously are trying to utilize new ways to talk to our online audience of customers, shareholders and employees.

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  1. I base my comments on being in business for 30+ years leading a number of companies. It appears to me (I am a stock holder in CSCO) that Mr. Chambers is more concerned about protecting his reputation than promoting (accurately) the company. Cisco's performance has been excellent, so why not focus on that. If Mr. Chamers wants to comment on the economy overall fine, but seperate those comments from Cisco's performence. The difference is Cisco appears to have exceptional leaders who excell dispite the economy. In short, Mr. Chambers, don't sell your management team short! Just my thoughts...Frank Casazza