Cisco Named to FORTUNE 500 list

April 15, 2010 - 44 Comments

Cisco has once again been named to the FORTUNE 500 list, this year coming in at No. 58. The FORTUNE 500 ranks America’s largest companies based on annual revenue.

According to FORTUNE editor-at-large, Shawn Tully, “U.S. corporations are staging a nearly unprecedented comeback that’s largely escaping notice … For 2009, the FORTUNE 500 lifted earnings 335%, to $391 billion, a $301 billion jump that’s the second largest in the list’s 56-year history, approaching the increase in the robust recovery of 2003.  For last year the 500 raised their return on sales from less than 1% to 4%.  That’s close to the list’s 4.7% historical average.”


Tully has written a more extensive piece of his perspective of the FORTUNE 500 companies in his piece, “Fortune 500: Profits Bounce Back.”

In addition, Cisco was named one of 20 corporations that are currently seeking candidates for employment. For more information on career opportunities at Cisco, please visit our web site.

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  1. I’m the proud owner of Cisco stock. I’d be prouder if it had actually gone up significantly since I bought it in 1999!

  2. Congratulations Cisco….a deserving recognition for the awesome part you play in this industry!

  3. wow congrats Cisco ! great job.

  4. This is the 10th or 11th consecutive year Cisco has made it to the list? It will shocking if they aren’t on there.

  5. I’m actually surprised that Cisco wasn’t already on this list.

  6. I am not surprised if CISCO included in one of the largest companies in the USA, with more than 65,000 employees and annual revenue Of $ 36.11 billion. they deserve it, once again congratulations for CISCO.

  7. I have worked for 2 major companies that used Cisco’s technology. I and it really makes working easier. The only problem now is that I work for a small company that uses a cheaper phone system and I have to say that I really miss Cisco’s systems. Not a surprise ya’ll are in the top 500

  8. It’s nice to see in the era of government bailouts and other economic instability, that there are still companies out there that practice fiscal responsibility in addition to producing excellent products and services for the consumer.That truly is what the freem arket is all about! Congrats to Cisco!!

  9. Amazing Walmart is at number one ahead of all the oil and gas giants…

  10. Very many returns for this great award. Haven’t got around to reading the fortune 500 list yet, but I bet there are def some suprises there.

  11. Just noticed Cisco isn’t allowing URL tags anymore on comments. I used to follow this blog everyday, read every post, and provide useful and important feedback. This allowed me to contribute to the discussion here, as well as get a link back to my site. Guess you guys value page rank more than feedback. This isn’t in keeping with Cisco’s posts I have read here over the last many years. You always talked about the value of customers, and aren’t we (the public) your ultimate target audience. Even when you are selling to big companies the end user (commenters on your blog) are the ones you should have in mind. I would actually argue that those visiting this blog to contribute and get a link back, are actually more relevant because we are more tech savy. Kudos and Goodbye Cisco blog. After many years I will have to say adeiu!

  12. Cisco is well deserve to be a part of Fortune500, Congratulation!!!!

  13. I must say Cisco has continually been making a name for themselves. I remember when I first became familiar with Cisco was when I undertook the CCNA course about 8 years ago. I fell in love with those routers…anyway Congratulations and may you have many more years at the top.

  14. A good example to follow!$391 billion – why not?

  15. Congratulations Cisco! They deserve to be on that list and to be recognized for the quality company they are.

  16. The IT industry is the way to go. There are no limits!

  17. I did not surprise because eversince Cisco is Great company you deserve to be the Fortune 500. Congratz!!!!!!

  18. Congratulations that you are in the top 100. Maybe next year you will make to top 50.

  19. I used to work for cisco, its definately a great company to work for. Sorry i left.

  20. Good to see CISCO is holding its own while many others are floundering in the current economic climate. It just goes to show that the very best blue chip companies always hold their own.

  21. Congrats to Cisco! I can’t believe Bank of America is in the top then. The banking industry baffles me.

  22. Congrats Cisco for a well deserved position espcially during tough times and on the ball.

  23. Congrats Cisco for a well deserved position espcially during tough times.

  24. Congratulations Sisco should very proud in this times of crisis increase their benefits

  25. congratulations to cisco. But I was not surprised by this achievement, because Cisco has long been bearing big names.

  26. Cisco seems to always find a way to land on their feet in good tims and (most importantly) bad. Nice work…!!!!

  27. Cisco is a great company. I have some stocks for the company and hope that it will do better.

  28. Many many congratulations to Cisco. They made really a robust progress even in recessional period. There is a long long way to enter in Top 25 list. But more important is to give people a solution and I bet they will continue to do it. Good Luck.

  29. Congratulations on making the top 500 guys!Really something to be proud of especially in the recession.

  30. good signs that strength in the economy is returning. And good news for Cisco – congrats!

  31. Good work Cisco for making it to fortune 500. I used to invest in Cisco stock back in the early 2000’s. Strong fundamental company.

  32. When it comes to young billionaires, all are related to IT.. it is a very quick source to earn huge.. but its really an idea game.. at forbes list all young billionaires are IT workers. amazing..

  33. You are doing great, but walmart really had them selves set up for success and earned every penny of that almost $500 billion revenue. But way to go, I bet you are under 50 next year.

  34. Great stuff, it seems like the IT sector are the only ones really pushing the boundaries these days. Automakers and energy producers, shame on you!

  35. I thought it was interesting that two banks made the top ten. BOA and JP Morgan.

  36. Wal-mart always seems to be number one. Yeah for Cisco!

  37. Congrats to Cisco for making the list, although it is not suprising. I did not, however realize that Cisco was hiring. I’ll have to check out the job openings!

  38. Not bad, only down 1 from 57 last year.

  39. Good to see Cisco raising the bar for technology businesses, but I’m quiet surprised to see Walmart ahead of the likes of Exxon Mobil, especially given that Walmarts sales showed very little growth over the last 12 months. I guess little growth is better than lose at the moment.

  40. Forbes list of billionaires includes many who prospered in the IT & telecommunication industry

  41. Homebuilders like Pulte and Centex still don’t have good fortune this year. natural skin care

  42. We definitely needed the robust earnings of this year to help bring us out of the recession we are in. Hopefully the growth continues into this next decade.

  43. Not a surprise that WalMart is #1