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Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers on FCC’s National Broadband Plan

March 16, 2010 - 42 Comments

Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its National Broadband Plan.  Below is a statement on this plan by Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers:

“The Federal Communications Commission’s National Broadband Plan lays out a strong vision for how ubiquitous 100MB broadband can contribute to the social and economic well being of our country.  A next generation Internet supported by accessible, affordable broadband is within our reach and can transform education, health care, energy, government as well as enable job creation and economic growth on a global scale.  It is critical that our entire government work toward implementing a comprehensive National Broadband Plan to ensure U.S. competitiveness in the 21st century.  We applaud the FCC and urge the Administration and Congress to work quickly to consider these recommendations.”

Here is Cisco’s point of view of broadband policy.

VIDEO: Jeff Campbell, Senior Director of Technology Policy at Cisco, shares his views on the FCC’s National Broadband Plan.

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  1. Everyone will agree, FCC is thinking on right direction for National Broadband Plan.The way dependency on Internet is increasing day by day and Internet related businesses are growing with tremendous speed we can surely say that soon 100 MB will become our daily needs.

  2. 100mb broadband would seriously change the landscape - tv online, movies, and many other high data services will be much more common. I am looking forward to seeing these speeds implemented.

  3. The US should be the world leader when it comes to this. We need to start progressing fast - having the best network is vital for the economy.

  4. I agree with this that the national broadband access plan is really for the well fare of his country. It will benefit the country in all aspects – education, health care and important sectors. Everybody will benefit with this plan in the nation.

  5. This will work as Rocket thrust and will revolutionized Internet based technologies and will take it to new Era.

  6. Ya, This will be highly beneficial if this happens. 100 MBPS plan, Wow

  7. This is good news but how much will it effect other countries?

  8. I am using broadband collection. I think the data download price is not feasible. Companies are proving different plans, however most of all are not suitable. Local cable internet provides are giving good services then broadband providers.

  9. This is a great step forward, Their should be plans put forward like this for multiple countries, 100Mb Is a very reliable speed and is suitable and maybe even partially needed/required for today's www. As everybody knows video content is getting more and more popular online, Along with the qualities it comes in,720p,1080p, Maybe even 3D in years to come, And one of the biggest problems in serving this content is determined by the receiving users Internet speed.In the UK, From what Ive read, some plans have been made and put forward and even approved, But yet no improvements are seen, One of what I believe to be the worse locations for broadband in the UK is in London, And as the epicenter of the UK, It shouldn't be this way, the average/high speed we are seeing right now for example, 600Kbs DL 80Kbs UL.National Broadband should be high on the list for every country, It is called the World Wide Web After all!

  10. To be honest, there is absolutely no reason why the US shouldn't be #1 in broadband and I simply don't understand why the ISPs are holding back when the technology isn't.

  11. I would really change a lot with at 100 Mb bandwidth internet on every aspect of digital life. It will allow easy exchange of large data amounts like DNA data and large images.

  12. We commend the FCC’s effort to protect the integrity of the TRS Fund. However, the FCC may have unintentionally produced a rule that impacts the civil rights of relay service users.

  13. I like broadband that feel me like I owe the web. It's very useful in watching HD videos over the internet

  14. Remember when dial up was around? Now we have fast internet, which is going to be even faster. Is this the same speed as Google's new internet that is coming out? In any case, maybe it will make ormal"" internet cheaper so people who don't even have it can now get it. Just a thought!"

  15. It took 10 years to be considered and it will take another 10 to be implemented. .anyway, i couldnt agree more with David by the fact that the broadband should be paid by advertisers only as the communication is not a luxury, but a need and this would really be a starting point in improving the life quality of people.

  16. Canada had implemented a national broadband initiative some time back and it worked wonders bringing Internet to many rural communities that would have otherwise been stuck with dial-up.These initiatives are crucial for improving the economic viability of many regions.Personally, I think this shows some true leadership.

  17. It is good news but will it effect other countries ? Also how will FCC monitor all this ?

  18. It's very good to applaud the FCC and urge the Administration and Congress to work quickly.

  19. I currently use Comcast and they have been known to prevent people from downloading a lot of information even though the connection is supposed to be quote “unlimited”

  20. This will be amazing! 100MB sounds to good to be true. Imagine what will happen with illegal content on internet like torrents. It will grow. Such a speed is every piracy dream. I wonder how they will fight against them. 1 Gbps broadband service to anchor institutions such as schools, hospitals and government buildings. Great to hear it.

  21. This is a great idea. I hope this can be accomplished in a few years. Everyone should have access to the internet.

  22. A 100mb broadband page is really nice i really wish our country can have this speed but it does not until some distant time in the future

  23. It makes sense to have free wireless broadband all over the country. The benefits to the economy would outweight the cost. Besides, Im sure people wouldn't mind having some advertisements thrown at them if it meant it was free.

  24. Hmm i do not think that it should be free ... at least for now as someone should support it as well and i think the best way to do this is to lease the lines to the people and allow free access... The only thing that i am afraid is the global control and censorship of such a huge network. But if it works along with private companies i think that they will still keep a certain degree of freedom.Anyways looks like a great thing if many people could have this and would help many people and also for the U.S to emerge as one of the fastest internet countries on average which would be great and another step forward.

  25. It is time we had a governing body for broadband as there are too many providers claiming to offer the best speed and as consumers we are gettign nothing of the sort. At least this way we can we get what we pay for every month.

  26. I really hope the UK takes note, we are lagging (literally) behind other countries :-S, new government hopefully this year though so some new hope

  27. We need national broadband plan with no usage limits

  28. Well, I wonder when the US is going to get faster internet then in Europe. At this moment in most (West) Europe countries the broadband connections are very good, which is indeed good for social and economics purposes. I'm interested to see when we will get fast broadband for everyone.

  29. It's all well and good having a potential 100MB broadband capapbility. How many people do you think are going to get that? I'm paying for up to 20MB here in the UK, and I average about 4MB.

  30. The goal honorable, but I hope they choose the best solution to actually implement this. Governments can really mess this kind of thing up.

  31. The plan itself look's great but I totally agree with Chris, when is unlimited going to mean unlimited? Broadband speeds are on the up and up and I dare say it wont be long before we all have 100mbps in our homes. The next step is going to be providing completely unlimited plan's that allow complete freedom of how much data you download.

  32. The FCC webpage says: ...should""...""should""...""should"".. without clarifying how they come up with their metrics. The US has huge competitive advantages, population density, which leads to high saturation of broadband access and mobile devices is not one of them. Why again should we pay taxdollars to create a population density level playing field. Focus on areas that already have a high population density or advanced technical infrastructure. But to claim that the US falls behind, because Joe Blow from Montana has a slow internet connection seems far-fetched."

  33. I think the plan is awesome, but we need to do something to stop ISP's from limiting or trying to regulate how much bandwidth a customer uses, especially when that customer is paying for an unlimited plan.

  34. In theory, who wouldn't be a proponent for a national broadband initiative?The issue as I see it is affordable delivery of service to all demographics at the last mile. Comcast and the conglomerates continue to hike prices despite the deregulation in years past that was intended to make broadband more affordable for the masses.

  35. Completely agree. We need a correct national broadband plan in the works so that in the next few years it can start coming together. I wonder how the FCC will monitor the network in terms of censorship. Thx for this post !

  36. I believe that broadband should be free, paid by advertising dollars only. This way it would be affordable to all and allow places in sparse areas to have the opportunity to have it also.

  37. well,We commend the FCC for the immense effort involved in researching and writing the National Broadband Plan. The Plan appears to reflect the emerging consensus on a number of paramount broadband goals, most notably the need to achieve universal adoption and digital literacy; the need to fix and redirect outdated subsidy schemes to more efficiently deliver broadband to unserved areas and to close the affordability gap for low-income families; and the need to break down policy barriers that keep broadband from serving critical national purposes such as health care, education.

  38. I'm all about speeding up our internet, but my question is whether my local ISP will keep limiting bandwidth to high usage customers""I currently use Comcast and they have been known to prevent people from downloading a lot of information even though the connection is supposed to be quote ""unlimited""In either case, great outline for a plan.Chris Guthrie"

  39. Completely agree. We need a national broadband plan in the works so that in the next few years it can start coming together. I wonder how the FCC will monitor the network in terms of censorship. There will be a lot of videos, images, text to police....

  40. A decent priced 100 Mb bandwidth internet can really make a difference on every aspect of life related to communications, as it will allow easy exchange of large data amounts like good quality audio and video.

  41. I wonder what kind of domino effect this will have on other countries?

  42. I really hope this happens. This is a great opportunity for our country to be the leader in broadband technology access.