Cisco Invites You to Enter the “Cisco@25, Cisco In 25” Video Contest

September 1, 2010 - 61 Comments

Flying cars, time travel and the Internet connected to every single device we use today. Those are just some possibilities when you think of technology in the future.

This is where we need your help! For the past nine months, Cisco has been celebrating its 25th anniversary. To continue the celebrations, Cisco has launched the “Cisco@25, Cisco In 25,” Video Contest asking participants to submit creative, fun videos answering the question, “where do you see technology going in the next 25 years?”

The contest will run from September 1 to October 30 and video submissions must be one minute in length or less.  Winners will be based on the amount of buzz their video receives across the social web as well as their creativity with their video submission based on a panel of Cisco judges. The top five videos will win brand new Flip slide HD camcorders!

Think you have a great idea? We want to see it! To submit your video response, sign into your YouTube account or create one. Note: You must create a YouTube account to submit a video response. Once you are have signed into your account, go to the Cisco@25, Cisco In 25 promotion video and click on the link under the comments section that states, “Attach a Video.” Follow the necessary instructions and upload your video! Your video will not appear right away, as all submissions must go through an approval process.

For additional terms and complete official rules, see the contest guidelines and official rules. Good luck and we look forward to seeing your videos across the social web!

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  2. Hmmm…I’m going to have to think of a video to make. It’s crazy to see how far technology has advanced in just 10 years. I can’t really fathom 25 years.

  3. Great idea for a contest, you should get some great response.

  4. This is such a cool idea. I bet some really good concepts turn up as a result of this. It’s kinda like the whole situation with BP taking recommendations from average joes about plugging the oil spill, but a different more fun subject matter. 🙂

  5. Good post Cisco is great company in the world, cisco is the top,and you have a very important blog.

  6. Sounds fun !! just like old school !! just imagine the old days at school which we had to paint something about future . . . robots . . . buildings and strange things!!I like it !

  7. Great way for you to add to your followers and a great way for them to show you what they are thinking.I hope everyone is now using video – it’s what WE do.Charlie Seymour Jr

  8. Hi Lindsay,I was reading the criteria above for the contest and it says judging will be based on the amount of buzz created over the web. Can you elaborate alittle more on that. Are we talking most youtube views, tweets, facebook likes? Thanks

  9. Great idea for achieving buzz for your brand. I’m really looking forward to seeing the winning videos and hopefully some inspiring ideas!

  10. Great deal. I love to join these one. It is a challenging process. I have to send my video entry also. Thanks for the post. Keep ip and good luck.iphone 4 insurance

  11. We are all aware that technology is becoming more advanced day by day. However, ideas like this are always wellcome.

  12. This gonna be fun, a lot of masters will gather at this event. COOL

  13. Congrats on the 25 years. I keep saying that Cisco is truly one of the few tech giants that became really big and kept their edge over the competition despite all these years.Lets see how viral these videos get 🙂

  14. What a cool idea. I have to agree with one of the comments above though about the cost of an accident in a flying car… It would skyrocket!

  15. Hi Andiwijaya–The last date to enter a video for the contest is Thursday, September 30th. However, I would recommend entering your video submission earlier so you can have some time to self-promote and get a solid number of YouTube views, retweets, etc.

  16. interesting video contest. What is the last date to attend this contest? Is there a special price, money or something valuable for winner?

  17. Very interesting.. would love to see creative videos..

  18. Glad to hear everyone is so interested in the contest. I want to address a few questions people have been having. -When it comes to promotion there are no specific conditions on how you promote your video across the social web. As long as you follow the guidelines of the contest, promote away! -Some best practices I see to maximize your video promotion is to complete your video response and upload it as soon as possible! This way you will have a good amount of time to amplify your video across your social networks and share with your friends, colleagues, family, etc. -For judging of the videos, a panel of Cisco employees will be judging the video responses, but remember judging is only 50% of the total score. The other 50% is how well your promote your video and the response it receives across the social web. -If you want to see what other people have done so you don’t repeat their idea just check out the contest promotion video on YouTube Look under the comments section and you will be able to see all of the video responses so far. Good luck everyone and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any more contest questions!

  19. Thanks for the article, hope contest goes well.

  20. An interesting idea, which we are interested in participating. In the coming days will receive our video. Thank you.

  21. This campaign will definitely create a buzz in the internet community.

  22. can we see what others have done so we dont repeat the same concepts?

  23. Good idea 🙂 Get people involved in the community. Congrats on the 25 years running strong! I used your tech and online courses in my tech courses. Can’t wait to see where you’ll go from here.

  24. This is very nice video and getting the more information while watching this video. Cisco is reputed company in the world. Cisco providing lots of products to the market. This is nice blogs for video submission. Thanks for sharing this information with us

  25. The Cisco HQ looks like a pretty great office! 100% agree with telepresence /some kind of video conferencing… though could be argued that its almost here to some degree. The best bit I think will be the materials – integration of communication apparatus into stuff like walls or tables.Good luck to all entrants! 🙂

  26. Love the idea could be real fun, where will the videos be placed ?

  27. Good luck with the contest, and what a great idea for viral promotion, really!

  28. it sound is good … thats great..nice for share ..

  29. Are you able to give us any tips as to how to maximise the number of views our videos get?

  30. Sounds like a fun contest.

  31. this sounds fun, and i like the prize!!i wanna join too!! 😀

  32. Hi, i am very interested to be part of it. it will be the amazing fair of year 2010.

  33. I absolutely must enter this contest. I am more imagination that I have anything else it seems at times and I can certainly imagine the world in 25 years!

  34. Wow. The top 5 will get a Flip slide HD camcorders. It is good opportunity. I hope my video will get the 5th place.

  35. Awesome vid and congrats on the anniversary,i recently completed a certificate in cisco

  36. Great competition I’m a massive advocate of online viral videos hope the comp goes well keep up the good work Lindsay

  37. Here we come The Jetsons – Regarding flying cars the technology has been their, however the issue is regulation of air space. Regards,Bonnie

  38. Amazing Idea regarding future technologies and also fantastic Video presentation.I like to see it.

  39. Good luck with the contest, and what a great idea.

  40. I think this is an awesome competition, and hopefully there are some great submissions that come in.

  41. Well thought out contest. Two distinct skills set required. You must make a good video and then figure out how to market it on the web. Slick.

  42. Interesting contest! Cisco is a greatest company, This is good site for vdo of travelinghxxp://

  43. Is every movie alowed that is funny or should I care about some rules? You know most funny videos hurt the acters.

  44. This is what kind of video contest is that?

  45. Very good indeed. The video contest will be judged on or around October 6th and the winners will be announced around October 14th slogans

  46. cisco question I always will be a leading company. Currently I have a Cisco CCNA in vietnam

  47. Jon–Yes, the top five winners will be showcased on The Platform blog and across our many other social channels. Good luck on your video submission! Margie– The video contest will be judged on or around October 6th and the winners will be announced around October 14th. Please remember as I said before the most important aspect of the contest is how viral you video is and the response you receive across the social web from promoting it! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s video submissions. Let’s get them going! : )

  48. Great idea, I like these kind of viral promotional ideas and look forward to seeing some of the entries!

  49. i would proudly join…hm… but i haven’t an idea yet…:(does anyone want to help me? 😀

  50. Sounds like a good competition, when is it judged?Thanks,M

  51. Great idea. Will you be posting the 5 winning videos on this blog?

  52. Cisco is great company in the world, I am using many product of cisco.

  53. Wow! this news is so great! i would really want to be there someday!

  54. Good luck with the contest, and what a great idea for viral promotion

  55. Wow, congrats on 25th anniversary, I use your products every day in the office and at home.Good luck with the contest, and what a great idea for viral promotion, people could learn internet marketing from you guys.

  56. Hi Bogda M, A group of employees from Cisco will be judging the videos, but remember the most important aspect is self-promoting your video across the social web and getting as many video views as you can! Lindsay

  57. Lindsay, I would time travel to San Francisco only to invite you out for dinner!Cisco note: Alessandro Bottazzi is an Italian Romantic? : )

  58. I can’t stop laughing about the eye patch made by robots line!

  59. Very interesting idea, my only question is: who will judge the videos?