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Hosted Unified Communications as a Service On The Rise

Today Qwest announced the launch of a new unified communications service platform that allows their customers to have all of their UC and collaboration needs managed over Qwest’s IP network.

This is made possible by a new Cisco solution called “Hosted Unified Communications as a Service” that enables service providers to offer unified communications to their customers through a hosted and managed service model.

Watch George O’Meara, Senior Vice President of Cisco Services, as he discusses the benefits of this model for both SPs and their customers.

Qwest is one of the latest service providers who have made the move to this trend. Increasingly, we are seeing service providers across the globe turn to HUCS for its ability to help them positively transform their business by increasing customer loyalty and expanding revenue potential.

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  1. Thanks Donna for this valuable update! I’m not sure how it will impact us but will try to watch over the next few months.

  2. The hosted unified communications service allows businesses to bring converged voice, mobile and data services to every desktop in their organization.they will be able to take a first step into converged communications by consuming their telephony, voicemail, conferencing and unified messaging technologies on a utility-based, per-user pricing model.this certaily is good for all organization & Companies managers.

  3. Great stuff guys. It is because you monitor things like hosted comm and other front leading ideas that keep Cisco stock rising and employees happy.

  4. Wow, that’s great zero downtime is the most needed for all.. I guess this will become demand in the future.

  5. A lot more unified communications and a stronger wireless network into the future. Borderless networks here we come!

  6. As a small business owner, we are big into Unified Communication and use the Linksys VOIP phone system for phone, fax, video, messaging. We have experiened almost zero downtime over the last 3 years!

  7. Is this Hosted Unified Communication approved by FCC? Is there any requirements need to comply first?

  8. I think Quest has made the right move with this decision to integrate their ISP services. I’m going to watch this company closely in the next few months, if they can generate enough attention regarding their $60 integrated services plan I think profits could move up quickly.

  9. With adoption level of just 40-50% and with price points of just $60 / month /employee which includes mobile handset, phone, software, voice and data plan the size of the market is substantially large at $50B-$70B annually.

  10. Seems like big companies have been slowly converging on unified comms, but without a HUCS offering, it’s been done inside the corporate firewall. Works (sort of) for customers, fails for subcontractors and consultants. This HUCS offering might help to relocate some of these services outside the firewall where they can be effectively used with all team members.

  11. Nice news, this new trend of Hosted Unified Communications as a Service certaily is good for all parts involved.

  12. We will be seeing more communication companies expand in the next decade. In Febraury 2010 the FCC completed their task of converting analog signal to full digital.This means a more clean and compressed signal base and more broadband available. Three bands thus far called white cell. The concept is for use in the expanding hand held mobile devices, and to set aside part of the bandwidth to assign adult themed IP addresses a user friendly filtering, thereby cleaning up or building a better image for all users, personal and corporate.