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Cisco CTO in Fortune Magazine: “Top Tips For a Career”

March 8, 2010 - 9 Comments

Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior (@Padmasree on Twitter) today offers a blog to’s “Postcards” section edited by Patricia Sellers.  Warrior writes:

“Today is International Women’s Day. While we’re celebrating the achievements of women, we also need to recognize that in many fields, there are way too few women. This is the case in my domain: engineering and technology. And so, I’m spending today thinking about the future–and asking, How can we use this day to help the next generations of women charge ahead? I can help by sharing 10 career tips that I’ve learned along the way…and by the way, guys on the way up can relate to these too.”

Her tips include:

Creativity is a journey beyond boundaries

Build expertise from experience

The only person that can slow you down is you

Read the entire entry and all 10 tips here.


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  1. Great article and one that should be top of mind for everyone that comes in contact with the next generation of technologists. You wrote, I’m spending today thinking about the future–and asking, How can we use this day to help the next generations of women charge ahead?"", as a preschool we wrestle with this challenge everyday and although our pupils won't enter the workforce for close to two decades in some instance, it is vital they understand that all opportunities are open with a proper education and enough drive. A lesson you are never too young too learn"

  2. Great blog. You hit the nail on the head. I think women should be recognized more often for the great jobs they do in our world.

  3. Thx John. These mean a lot as Padma has remained a very sweet, down to earth person ...

  4. Thanks for the Great Tips. My favorite is Work hard but play harder"" i've met too many people in business that take their job to seriously."

  5. John, thanks for the post. All good tips. It is an interesting idea to integrate work & life rather than alancing"". Since I heard about the idea from Padmasree in another conference early on, I start thinking about it and applying it. It is working well so far!"

  6. Great tips on carrer building, for any gender, thanks for mentioning.

  7. Nice post. I especially like the quote, Self-confidence is the best gift to give yourself."""^0^1^^^0^0 22682^8612^Dave Evans^^^^2010-03-09 17:38:23^2010-03-09 17:38:23^"Thanks the the comments everyone, we really value your feedback.In response to what is a Futurologist"" - it's actually a contraction of Futurist + Technologist. A term more people are using to describe this function. I am a firm believer that a futurist must be grounded in reality, in technology. It would be too easy to sit in an ivory tower all day and prognosticate about the future. A good futurist must have a solid technology background / understanding so that their ""predictions"", etc, come from a firm understanding of what technology can do, as well as its limitations. (My background is in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, and 25 years or so in IT). Typically, I am referred to as a futurist, but on occasion the term futurologist is used (as I suspect it will be more and more in organizations.)More about IBSG can be found here:, don't hesitate to reach out.DaveTwitter: DaveTheFuturist"

  8. great post. thanx for the 10 useful tips

  9. Women are still far to undervalued in world today. We have come so far as a society, especially in America, and yet we still have so far to go. Creatively is truly beyond boundaries, as we were all reminded last night at the Oscars. So many of the award winners credited those around them, who continued to show support even outside the box! Thank God for people who believe in us even when nobody else does.