Cisco CleanAir: An Air Freshener With an Award-Winning Scent

April 28, 2010 - 37 Comments

You’ve heard Cisco talk about the consumerization of IT, in which the lines blur between devices, work, and home. You’ve heard the company talk about Borderless Networks and the need to extend information access to virtually any device anywhere at any time. But beyond the product launches and the press releases, it’s all a fact of life, and Cisco has been innovating technology to make that lifestyle easier.

Yesterday was the latest example. Cisco announced a new series of wireless access points with CleanAir technology. The first of its kind, CleanAir is the only solution that completely addresses the interference challenge of delivering business-critical applications over wireless networks. In short, it “cleans the air,” serving as a traffic cop for the various wireless signals zipping around you. It detects, classifies, locates and mitigates the impact of wireless interference so that the information you need can be accessed in a timely and reliable fashion. Microwaves, Bluetooth devices, mobile phones, security cameras, garage door openers, etc. – CleanAir technology tackles it all.

Twenty-four hours later, CleanAir has proven to be a special innovation to more than just Cisco and its customers. Today, the Cisco 3500 Access Point with CleanAir was awarded Best of Interop. The award comes on the heels of numerous customers commenting on its value – from universities and their dormitories to telecom companies and their customers. Awards aside, having greater reliability when connecting wirelessly is indeed a breath of fresh air. Wireless never cleaned up so nicely. It’s about time, don’t you agree? 

Also, please view this replay of our LIVE @Talk2Cisco Ustream chat with Ray Smets, VP/GM of Wireless Business Unit:

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  1. Wireless is becoming more and more prevalent so I can definitely see this becoming popular.

  2. Great innovation from Cisco. Other than helping network administrators manage their networks, it also avoids wireless signal pollution in the air.

  3. There is no doubt that cisco is a great company in the networking equipments field. That is way we still stay here with cisco. I hope your equipment and services would be better and better.

  4. Love to see this kind of thing happening.Keep it up cisco.

  5. This is definitely a chance to change communications completely in every aspect. Congratulations on the award and I am so glad that someone is finally going something about everything flying through the air. I truly thank you guys for all of your hard work.

  6. Finally a solution to the constant chaos of mismanaged wireless networks! Good luck!

  7. Cisco with CleanAir really deserve this award! CleanAir is exactly what the market demands and have a great potential. I totally agree: CleanAir is a breath of fresh air! Thanks.

  8. yeah, there’s something in the air in my office…and it’s causing Wi-Fi interference. I need to check this out

  9. Keep up the good work guys!. No more interference between my wireless phone and wireless modem.

  10. Congratulations for the best of Interop award. This innovative technology makes our lifestyle more easier. Thanks for this post.

  11. Firstly, congratulations on the award. I see this technology being taken into use by big companies who rely on wireless connections. If not today or tomorrow then definitely soon! Reading about it made me want to use it at home :).

  12. Hey everybody, thanks for the posts — last week was definitely a great week for Cisco and its customers. One of you asked about pricing. The pricetag for CleanAir ranges from (U.S.) $1,095-$1,495. For more information, here’s the full press announcement:

  13. Congratulations for award, this technology will root deeply and flourish, as wireless usage only gets bigger.Keep up the good work.

  14. Congratulations Cisco! Great news for future of environmental friendly technology.

  15. Hi. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed reading it. This technology is great to say the least!

  16. Pretty slick technology. My simplified take is: Monitor the spectrum and select the best noise-free channel to use. Also score points with the greenies with the ‘CleanAir’ label. Brilliant!

  17. Congrats.. Cisco has always stayed ahead when it comes to innovation. I’m very eager to see how it invisibly makes magic in the air.

  18. CleanAir is an Interesting concept, one that can greatly influence the future of Wireless Communication and Information Transfer.

  19. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing these on the shelves. Keep up the good work!

  20. CleanAir this what we need now a day, I am agree with Neil. This new technology is a new concept and one that no others have thought of or implemented.

  21. The Clean Air Technology is certainly impressive and well deserves the extra recognition that the Interop award gives it.

  22. This sounds awesome. I had always wondered about some sort of technology like this. Of course Cisco would be the one to invent it. Thanks.

  23. Great thoughts Neil. When I first read the title about clean air, I thought this was going to be about environmental impact or something haha. You never think about all the microwaves, because after all you can’t see them! This is the kind of stuff you don’t think about, but is such a benefit for practical daily living.

  24. This is awesome! I can’t imagine how all the waves make it to there destination with all that’s in the air now. Congratulations!!!

  25. Congratulations for the best of Interop award. This technology is only going to continue to grow and it’s nice to see you’re ahead of the curve

  26. I would without any doubt say this will change the shape of communication as it will not only benefit the common man but will also change the behavior pattern of people as this technology will soon be followed up with various mobile & cell phone manufactures & operators.Great Innovative Invention.Cheers!Rupali

  27. Hi Neil, I just run into your blog post about Cisco and pretty much enjoyed the new tip.I’ve been following Cisco’s updates and I can’t wait for more innovative developments.Thank you.Best,Joanna

  28. Thank you for updating this Neil.. Anyway nice technology ! I aggree with you, very good innovative solution.

  29. I agree with you Neil, people are going to benefit from this as technology advances

  30. Hey all, thanks for the comments. Cisco’s obviously excited about this technology and of course about the award as well. We acquired Cognio a couple years ago as some of you may know, and this technology includes that ingredient along with others crafted by Cisco internally. Good to see it come to fruition. Heather — I’m digging for some good visuals for you. Stay tuned OK?

  31. For more on Clean Air, watch Ray Smets, VP and GM of Cisco Wireless Networking Business Unit:

  32. CleanAir sounds like the answer to many of the challenges we face. Thanks for the update Neil!

  33. I cannot agree with your more. This is absolutely a valuable innovation that everyone can definitely benefit from. Wireless becoming more and more reliable, now that’s something!

  34. This CleanAir technology is a fascinating concept and, apparently, one that no others have thought of or implemented.

  35. Yes I completely agree with you Neil,that is really a great an innovative technique, very beneficial and environment friendly.

  36. Congratulations for the best of Interop award, this technology will be a must in little or no time, as wireless usage only gets bigger.

  37. Amazing stuff… I never understood how wireless signals interact (or interfere) with each other. Do you guys have a data visualization or graphic that shows how much interference is caused by the various wireless signals that traverse the airwaves? It would help break this down to general consumers.Pretty cool stuff…