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Cisco asks, “Are You Ready for Some Football?”

August 23, 2010 - 18 Comments

Today, in East Rutherford, NJ, USA, the New Meadowlands Stadium showcased innovative new stadium technologies designed to seamlessly transform the look and feel of the venue to host both New York Football Giants and New York Jets games, as well as other sporting and entertainment events.  The New Meadowlands is implementing technologies from Cisco and Verizon to offer stadium sports fans and entertainment followers leading-edge custom digital video and wireless content, showcasing one of the most technologically advanced and memorable experiences in sports and entertainment.  See Cisco press release here.

CNBC dubbed this this the “$1.6B Smart Stadium” and interviewed Cisco CEO John Chambers, Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg and New Meadowlands Stadium President & CEO Mark Lamping.

John T. Chambers, Cisco chairman and chief executive officer:
“Cisco is committed to delivering world-class solutions for sports and entertainment, and we are delighted to help New Meadowlands create this state-of-the-art facility, one of the finest multipurpose venues in the world. This new venue will feature the latest technologies in video and interactive solutions, providing fans with a truly memorable experience.”

Here’s wishing GREAT seasons to the Giants and Jets!

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  1. Hi John,Since I now operate from Manhattan, I'll be checking out both Yankee Stadium as well as the New Meadowlands Stadium.Sincerely,Brad Reese

  2. I am a man who like the football game from this football worldcup which held in Africa.I never see any football match in stadium.So i see this type of stadium very first time.Now I am a great fan of football.So I can say i see wonderful football stadium via your post.thanks for sharing.

  3. Technique is very beautiful and sweet Davat the pitch and this something new

  4. It sure does look impressive.But man,1.6 billion dollars!!Wow,you could have bought like a whole country for that money,plus a small island :)

  5. That looks absolutely awesome, and I cannot wait to see some games being played there. What a rush!

  6. Looks absolutely incredible, but I kind of miss going to a football game and watching, well, a football game.

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  8. Americans would stop misusing the term “football”

  9. Wow. It’s pretty amazing and a great stadium.

  10. Very nice article and well written I mite add!

  11. Actually looks great :)

  12. Wow its great news from Cisco..I think the fans of football are very thankful to cisco for these arrangments..I love soccer

  13. I saw in the video that they mentioned new 3D broadcasts from this stadium. Has that happened yet and if so, has anyone see one?I'm definitely pretty excited about the 3D potential behind sports broadcasts.

  14. Wow, seems like a state-of-the-art stadium. Must be great to play ball international calls"

  15. Sports truly has a special place in everyone's life.Today technology has made such an impact that there are very few chances of incorrect decisions in any sports.This is the case with every sport.I am happy that a giant like Cisco is preparing something innovative to benefit the Football lovers.The stadium would receive a Jewel in the crown"" with Cisco's ability."

  16. $1.7 Billion? Wow! I agree, the entire world of sport and entertainment is changing. It will be amazing when it's all 3-D as they talk about during the interview.

  17. That looks like an absolutely stunning stadium, without a doubt one of the finest sporting venues I've seen - yet I still find myself wishing that you Americans would stop misusing the term football"" ;-)"