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Cisco and the Red Cross Launch Global Volunteer Initiative

Coinciding with National Volunteer Week 2010, the American Red Cross and Cisco recently announced the creation of one of the largest corporate employee volunteer programs in the history of the Red Cross.  To help prepare their communities for, and respond to, natural and other disasters when and where they strike, Cisco employees around the world will participate in emergency response training provided by the Red Cross.  Volunteers will learn about applying essential principles to disaster response; providing mass care related to first aid, shelter, food and supply distribution; and about identifying volunteer opportunities.

In recognition of Cisco’s 25th anniversary, Chairman and CEO John Chambers called on Cisco employees to perform 200,000 collective hours of community service by year’s end.  Also, during a recent employee volunteer fair at Cisco’s Silicon Valley campus, California State Secretary of Service and Volunteering, Karen Baker, remarked on Cisco’s 360 degree approach to volunteering or “doing volunteering on steroids.” 

Employees from Cisco’s Research Triangle Park, NC campus participate in training with the Triangle Area Red Cross chapter.

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  2. at this moment we needed more volunteers to assist victims of natural disasters and wars in the world. I like the way CISCO going onn and joined hand with Red Cross.something really great information.

  3. This is really a good move by cisco.We appreciate these type of task and hope cisco will involve with more social welfare work in future.Thanks

  4. Really great to see Cisco staying involved in the community like this!

  5. Kudos to Cisco for being pioneers of a wonderful community program. Natural disasters seem to just be escalating and more trained manpower is essential. May God bless all of you and your efforts! How refreshing to read about good news.

  6. This is what I admire about Cisco. Kudos. Now why can't Steve Jobs do the same instead of arguing with Flash or make himself even more richer...

  7. Really a great leap by Cisco. Keep up the good initiative and set an example for other organizations as well.

  8. Wow! What a wonderful idea. I love the approach that CISCO and Red Cross are taking to bring about awareness first and then the vital training that will be needed in the event of some type of major catastrophe. It's all about helping because the truth is, none of us know when we will need the help. Great efforts!

  9. VERY cool! Good on Cisco for working to give something back to the communities and countries that it operates in...Nice to see a company looking to the future!

  10. More companies should follow Cisco’s initiatives. The Red Cross is a great organization and can always use more support from large industry. Keep up the great work and support!

  11. What a great partnership. Congratulations Cisco for taking this initiative. American Red Cross is a great organization and really are the first responders to the needy when disaster strikes.

  12. I'm glad that you are making the world a better place.

  13. Thanks Cisco for doing such a wonderful job!It is amazing!!!

  14. Congratulations! We need more companies like you!

  15. This is why I like Cisco. They are always trying to do something positive in the communities. The Red Cross is constantly bombarded with disaster after disaster and therefore any help is greatly appreciated.Kudos to you Cisco! Keep up the good work!

  16. congratulations cisco on paying it forward""That sort of effort will transform lives over many years, good job"

  17. Feel really happy when I see such big corporate giants take such social initiative.Thanks

  18. That's a tremendous initiative for Cisco. More companies should follow your lead and encourage employees to perform community service project.s

  19. Connecting with both communities and local organizations from around the nation, sharing inspirational stories about other volunteers, heroism and community projects. This is an innovative way to help communities prepare and respond to natural and other disasters. It should also help pave the way for a new generation of volunteers.

  20. if all firms follow what is being done by the cisco company then this world would be a better place again.

  21. I agree with the Cisco company do, because at this moment we needed more volunteers to assist victims of natural disasters and wars in the world. Two thumbs up for you

  22. Glad to hear that cisco is not always about business. It would be great to exposure the positive social side of cisco.

  23. It's great to hear about these type of volunteer groups! Keep up the good work (Cisco and Red Cross)!-Justin

  24. It's so awesome to see a company like Cisco taking such initiative. Ps I love the little cameo tid bits on 24.

  25. what can i say now, other already put my words here.its really a ideal step. i wish it'll be continue like this.

  26. What a Winning Combination, Cisco and the American Red Cross!Thanks CiscoMelissa

  27. Cisco has been a great global brand and its nice to know that they are doing some effort to help back the community more companies should follow their steps.

  28. Good deeds like this one for the benefits of Red Cross are too few. We need to encourage Cisco to follow the path of sharing the love!

  29. The Red Cross is the only charity that we give substantial funding. Great organization and well-run on the local level.Bravo Cisco! You picked a good partner.

  30. Thumbs up for this noble initiative. We need more social responsible companies like this to make this world a better place to live in

  31. Great initiative. Maybe other companies will follow your example. Sometimes it just takes an effort to change the world.

  32. This seems to be a good initiative. Well its always nice to see a good company taking part in these initiatives. All the best Cisco!

  33. Yeah... I think this a great idea too. We hope their cooperation not only stop in here.

  34. More Power to Cisco on it's 25 year Anniversary! You guys are a world standard.

  35. i hope the communities are also preparing emergency supplies (food, medicines, etc)and equipment.It’s been my understanding for some time that in a truly massive emergency situation the U.S. is woefully short of hospitals and doctors.

  36. This is really a fantastic good idea. good initiative by Cisco.They should continue this

  37. I hope other big company's see this initiative as an example and will follow. Well don!

  38. Great to read Cisco make such good initiatives. A company that with their great products and service already do so much for the community also does not forget the poor and less gifted people in this world.Great

  39. 200,000 hours is a lot, but I am sure Cisco is up to meeting the challenge!

  40. This sounds like such a great partnership for both Cisco and the Red Cross. What I love is that you guys are not only volunteering but giving of your time for training as well. This ensures that the service you provide is not only honorable, but effective!

  41. Great to see a company the size of Cisco giving something back in such a direct way. Well done to all involved.

  42. i am very glad to hear that Cisco and the Red Cross are working together

  43. I just love Cisco! I think Cisco is among the best companies present in the world today. This is a great initiative.

  44. I agree with Abbey, there is a huge need to train volunteers and the communities need to be ready for natural disasters. I think if we were all on alert"" we could be better prepared to go into action and not leave it just up to the Red Cross. As I am sitting here listening to the radio another earthquake just hit. :-("

  45. I think it is right that Cisco stepped up for this one. They always do everything right and since the government won't step up it is up to the best company in the world to. Great job Cisco

  46. I do about 25-50 hours a year and cannot imagine the positive impact that 200,000 hours will have on communities. Simple acts of kindness for the elderly is one of my favorites these days. It is great to see how a company can make a difference.

  47. Good Idea, Global Volunteer Initiative, more people need Help.

  48. Public safety training is especially important in Cisco's home state of California. Kudos to them for taking the initiative to do something positive in the community!

  49. I think it very credible that they are doing this. It would be nice to see others come forward and partake...

  50. I applaud Cisco for their efforts with this initiative. If only other companies had this kind of response, this world would be a much better place.

  51. coated for Cisco and its employees who provide services to the community

  52. This is a noble act, hopefully more people or companies that do things like this

  53. What a good Company ! Cisco shows the example !

  54. More companies should follow Cisco's lead. If companies and their employees dedicate their time to being prepared and helping to train others, then communities won't have to rely on a broken governmental agency in a time of need - people will be able to help themselves and each other. Good going!

  55. What a breath of fresh air to see a company answer a glaring community need with more than just money. It's been my understanding for some time that in a truly massive emergency situation the U.S. is woefully short of hospitals and doctors.This action takes a great step in the direction of making sure we can respond adequately.

  56. Very good initiative by Cisco, hope other enterprises follow the example.

  57. In light of the recent chain of natural and man-made disasters across the globe, the need to train volunteers for emergency management. But aside from the volunteers, i hope the communities are also preparing emergency supplies (food, medicines, etc)and equipment. Thank you volunteers for doing your part. I hope local and national governments also do theirs.

  58. This seems like a fantastic initiative and it's great too see a company like this getting involved with this kind of thing. All the best with the project and credit to those involved.

  59. This is a really good idea. It's about time our community start taking action towards relief efforts that aren't provided by the federal government because a lot of the time that isn't enough. With Cisco and the Red Cross doing this we continue to build our relief resources.