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Cisco and Telluride

September 23, 2006 - 1 Comment

Blogging the Digital Video RevolutionA look back at Cisco’s participation in the Telluride Film Festival earlier this month shows the company’s focus on the digital video revolution hit a cord that reverberated through the blogosphere.blog_telluride.jpgCisco’s panel discussion, called “The New Media Future: The Impact of Broadband on the Creative Process and Content Distribution,” included Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of WIRED, Josh Goldman from Akimbo Systems, Yair Landau, President of Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, director Kevin MacDonald (Touching the Void, Last King of Scotland) and Dan Scheinman, SVP of Corporate Development for Cisco Systems.Alex Williams’s feedia blog pointed to the important issues at stake as broadband changes the entertainment equation.”I am listening to a News@Cisco podcast. And it’s pretty good. Why? It’s a great discussion from the Telluride Film Festival about the movie business, the long tail, You Tube, machinima and all the impacts that people are having all over the world as they continue to get online and make stuff.Kim Voynor, in her Cinematical blog, chimed in:”I was about as happy as a film-geek girl could be after meeting Nair and seeing a great film, but there was more to come. After the film, we headed over to Chair 8 where Anne Thompson from The Hollywood Reporter was moderating a panel- This was a lively panel with a full crowd, with lots of interesting things to say about digital media, the impact of YOU TUBE, blogger versus journalists and more. The very nice Cisco folks told me the entire panel will be podcast on the Cisco site, so as soon as they send me the link, I’ll point you to it so you can check it out.”Anne Thompson, deputy editor of The Holoywood Reporter, blogged about the same panel discussion from her perspective as moderator.”œI missed the first screening of Little Children because I was prepping and then moderating a panel put together by the folks at Cisco on the digital broadband future-a topic I seem to come back to a lot. I bonded with Cisco exec Claudia Ceniceros on last year’s Telluride panel, and she signed me up for this one,” she wrote. “Cisco sr vp of development Dan Scheinman talked about creating set top boxes to intermediate between consumers and their TVs; Josh Goldman, CEO of 3-year-old Akimbo, also believes that set top boxes act as curators for audiences who need someone to point them where to choose in a long tail digital world. “Chris Anderson, editor in chief of Wired and author of The Long Tail, described how the internet dissemination of little music files has been followed by little YouTube video clips and now short TV shows,” Thomspon added. “Long movies will take more time, he said. Sony Digital president Yair Landau said that audiences crave stylized animation in a world where it’s difficult to suspend disbelief when everyone knows too much about movie stars. Filmmaker Kevin Macdonald (who arrived at the panel just after seeing the 130-minute Little Children) added that the flip side of Landau’s observation is that audiences are responding well to documentaries because they are so real. Macdonald, who filmed Last King of Scotland in 16 mm with a digital intermediate but is shooting his next on DV, also talked about a Nokia contest involving movies for mobile phones that are 15 seconds long.”There’s much more on News@Cisco on Telluride. Check out the following content:Audio Podcast – The New Media Future: The impact of broadband on the creative process and content distribution Video – The New Media Future: Panel highlights and 1:1 interviews with panelists: Video: – Telluride Film Festival Attendees Address Digital Video Q&A with Dan Scheinman: Broadband is Revolutionizing the Film Industry

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