Cisco Acquires Cognio, a Spectrum Intelligence Company

September 18, 2007 - 1 Comment

Post by John Noh, Senior PR ManagerAnyone who has frantically twisted a radio dial in the vain hopes of maintaining a weak AM signal that’s being overpowered by another signal is already familiar with the problems of radio frequency (RF) interference. While it may be a mere annoyance on your radio, RF interference can cause significant issues related to WiFi, or wireless networking, technologies, which uses a different RF spectrum than AM/FM radio to send and receive data. There are millions of common electronics devices that can interfere with your WiFi experience including those with Bluetooth and Zigbee connectivity, microwave ovens, cordless phones, wireless video cameras, outdoor microwave links, wireless game controllers, motion detectors and, yes, even fluorescent lights. Without the proper solutions, WiFi users may run into a number of serious problems including degradation in wireless performance, creation of security vulnerabilities and wireless network instability. Cognio Cisco.jpgThat’s the problem Cisco is tackling with the acquisition of Cognio, which offers Spectrum Intelligence technology for wireless networks.This private company is the market leader in spectrum intelligence, which is the science of providing visibility into the usage of the RF spectrum. The acquisition of Cognio will help enable Cisco to offer best-in-class, integrated spectrum intelligence, and continue to differentiate Cisco’s wireless solutions from the competition and support the delivery of robust wireless networks. So while the combination of Cisco and Cognio can’t help in strengthening the faint signal from that out-of-area AM station, it holds the promise for a rich and dependable mobility experience on a Cisco Unified Wireless Network. Read more in the press release about this deal.

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  1. Makes sense… acquisitions for Cisco business is the building block for Cisco’s future growth and competitive edge