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Cisco #1 on Greenpeace Ranking of IT companies

April 29, 2010 - 10 Comments

Today, Greenpeace announced their “Cool IT Leaderboard.”  Cisco is very proud to be listed as #1 on the Greenpeace Cool IT Leaderboard.

“Cisco vaults to the top of the Leaderboard, doubling its score from the previous version by demonstrating the effectiveness of its greenhouse emissions-saving solutions such as smart grid technology and office energy management.” – Greenpeace

For more information on Greenpeace’s rankings and on their “Cool IT” program, please visit:

The rankings:

More information on Cisco’s Smart Grid technology here.

Information on Cisco’s energy management technology here.

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  2. Good to see Cisco are doing what everyone else should be doing. I also read recently that a hosting company were using offshore wind turbines for their servers so it just shows what is possible. Just wish every other company could do the same – well done Cisco!

  3. It’s very impressive to see such a high tech”” company put so much emphasis on being green. Cisco is a good example to companies who only “”talk the talk””. Keep up the good work!”

  4. CONGRATULATION to Cisco with all effort to save our earth. Your posts are always the best . I am impressed with the graphical representation. Lets hope other companies follow your example and start to actually do something for our planet.

  5. thats a great effort to save the world . i hope we implement them and make them more green

  6. Good job Cisco. Lets hope other companies follow your example and start to actually do something for our planet.

  7. I’ve been testing their low emissions concept with some of my personal data and it’s pretty amazing. Yes, I work with cisco for a living but can’t help but carry home the ideas every day and the smart grid is up and coming for sure.

  8. Your posts are always the best John, but sshhh don’t tell anybody else though haha. Whenever I check up on the Cisco blog I always scroll through to see the recent authors. I was looking forward to what you had to say before I even knew what it was. Crazy that Cisco has such a large impact in the world, yet such a small comparative environmental impact. You should link to Neils clean air”” post!”

  9. Congrats to Cisco with all effort to save our earth. Cisco surely become my priority list of networking hardware. 😀

  10. Cisco isn’t just at the top, but they are pretty much dominating. It’s getting more important every day to be green and being at the top must be a good feelings.