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Cisco@25: Working Mom at Cisco: Melanie Bragg

In honor of Cisco’s working mothers, we recently interviewed Melanie Bragg, Director of Strategic Communications, as part of our 25th Anniversary video blog series. Like many Cisco mothers, Melanie takes advantage of the services Cisco provides for working families.

Melanie has two children and both of them attend the Cisco Family Connection Onsite Daycare Center in San Jose. As she explains, “its been so nice having the daycare at Cisco so close to campus, I get to watch them online and check in on them to see how they are doing and they both love it.”

Happy late Mother’s Day to all mothers out there from Cisco!

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  1. In this economy, I’ve found more and more employers are moving away from offering these awesome “family” benefits to employees. I told my son this year that he should be happy he even received a Christmas bonus. I’m glad to see that Cisco still offers a great program to working Moms.

  2. Now I understand why all my friends took Cisco back in high-school. It makes total sense to be a part of something so vital.

  3. This made me kind of sad, because so many companies (mine included) don’t have anything like this. If anything, companies today are taking away things that make life easier for their employees. Kudos to Cisco!

  4. Great idea…I love the fact that a company like cisco is support working moms so well. Now I need to try to get my wife a job with cisco! Her company has nothing like this.

  5. I wish more companies are like Cisco, so my wife or me doesn’t have to spend hours in the traffic, have headaches and worries, carry the burden of kids being away, somewhere… kids don’t have to go through the stress, to wait for mama or tata…One company should be like one family.

  6. Kudos to Cisco for providing an onsite daycare center. Moms will no longer worry being away from the their children. And belated Happy Mother’s Day Melanie as well as to all mothers out there!

  7. Definately better than working from home in a confinded environment but cannot help to wonder what the case will be when these kids are of school age. Bulding a school at work?

  8. I liked the story about the traffic ticket and the mayor – glad that Cisco has a sense of humor !

  9. As a husband to a working mom I know all about the struggle! Good to see cisco supporting working moms. Ralph

  10. Hope you always have great career and great family as well. Happy late Mother’s Day, Melanie.

  11. Happy late mothers day to all the hard working mothers out there. I can imagine combining Cisco’s connectivity and a daycare would be a great comfort to any parent.

  12. One of the most important things ever – 100% sure that your children are supervised and saved.

  13. Happy late Mother’s Day to you also.I started working from home full time as a SEO because I did not want to be away from my kids, but if we had the same option as listed above I would have maybe stayed with my old company.

  14. Not many companies have child daycare services, do they? Kudos to Cisco for understanding working mother’s concerns about their children. And happy mothers day to all the mothers.

  15. Happy Late Mother’s Day Melanie! You are a great example to working moms everywhere.

  16. Great to see Cisco support their Moms and that you also give them some special perks as well :)Happy Mothers Day to all Moms!

  17. There were initiatives in some states to mandate on-site daycare for companies have more than a certain number of employees, but I can’t think of any that actualy passed.Congrats to you, and best of luck

  18. It’s never too late to show appreciation for working mothers! Kudos :).

  19. Happy Late Mother’s Day Melanie! You are a great example to working moms everywhere. An onsite daycare center is very cool. That is such a nice luxury to have knowing your kiddos are not too far away and can check in on them easily any time.