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Cisco ūmi contest: Who Would YOU Like Home for the Holidays?

December 10, 2010 - 7 Comments

When I moved to Silicon Valley from London in 2001, my mother told me she expected me to marry a nice American girl and never come back. Fortunately (depending on your point of view) she was right!

As a direct result, nowadays ‘Oma’ mostly only gets to see her grandson via webcam from 5,000 miles away. To her credit, she has still managed to teach him some Dutch songs, how to count to two, and how to clap his hands.

Unfortunately, the picture on the webcam is often so poor that my son can’t tell always tell who is doing the clapping or the singing. “No William, that’s Oma, not Uncle Ron.”

Families like mine are why we invented Cisco ūmi, our super-dooper HD home video conferencing technology. And judging by our “Cisco ūmi Brings YOU Home for the Holidays” contest, there are plenty of similar families who are very willing to tell their ‘separation’ story in order to get their hands on Cisco ūmi this holiday season!

Take Michael Long, for example, who entered our competition on Facebook:

“They say, “Home is where the heart is!” If this is true, then I have many homes. I currently live in Kissimmee, FL, but pieces of my heart are also in Pensacola, north Alabama, Nashville, Knoxville and with my mother in Jamestown, Tennessee! It would be a Christmas miracle if we had the Cisco umi so that I could see her whenever we were able.”

If you think you have a story more deserving than Michael’s you can enter (or simply vote for Michael) at the Cisco ūmi Brings YOU Home for the Holidays contest on Facebook. If you can’t wait, or you’re not the storytelling type, you can just go and buy Cisco ūmi here!

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  1. wait - if its only available in the US then the whole premise of why this was created "... I moved to Silicon Valley from London in 2001....the picture on the webcam is often so poor that my son can’t tell always tell who is doing the clapping or the singing....Families like mine are why we invented Cisco ūmi..." is for nothing... if it only works in the US then this doesnt even solve the basic premise of what you set out to accomplish... right?

  2. Does UMI support 3 or 4-way video? Will be great to have a Teleprecense POW-WOW... :)

  3. Hi B2B. Cisco Umi is initially available only in the US, but we do hope to extend availability internationally in due course. Hi Jumoke. I'm afraid the Umi contest is currently only available in the United States. Sorry about that.

  4. For someone who lives in China, but has family in the US, this seems like a great tool. Can we buy it in China?

  5. For the Holidays, I would like all my sisters home. I am the only son with 4 very distant sisters. I wish we could all get along and come to my others house. Wish you were a genie! :)

  6. I am interested in the contest, even though i am far far away in Africa. Are we eligible too?

  7. if it works as well as you claim, then its impressive because video does seem to be way too choppy and distracting. i will have to check out the contest entry posts. thanks.