Cisco Supports “Every Australian Counts” Campaign for a National Disability Insurance Scheme

September 25, 2011 - 9 Comments

Cisco is the first large ICT provider to publicly announce its support for Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by joining theEvery Australian Countscampaign. Cisco’s alignment with the campaign is natural given that, as a large-scale company, it mirrors society and many of its employees across Australia and New Zealand either have a disability, know of, or are caring for a loved one with a disability.

Communication and collaboration technologies are well placed to make organisations and businesses disability confident, as it is these technologies that can transform how people with disabilities connect, communicate and collaborate at home and in the workplace. In today’s increasingly networked world, access to technology is a marker of social and workplace integration, so technology can greatly aid people with disabilities to get equal access opportunities for learning, employment and social inclusion so that they can fulfill their individual potential.

In Australia, the National Disability Insurance Scheme is a Medicare style funding model to support disability services. The suggested model is designed to best assist those living with disability, devised by the Productivity Commission in their recent inquiry into disability care. When fully functioning, the scheme will include spending on technology and communications devices that allow those with disabilities to achieve equal access to opportunities at work and at home. The estimated addition to GDP from the scheme is around 1 per cent, or over $32 billion by 2050 – a huge economic benefit to the Australian economy, let alone creating a more inclusive society.  It could also see another 100,000 workers participate in the workforce. 

Cisco is excited about how the network will help to realise the scheme’s aims, by creating workplace environments which are conducive to increased participation by all Australians. The support for the campaign is just one way in which Cisco is committed to creating a culture without barriers, encompassing Every Australian.

You can read about the full story in our press release.

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  3. With this partnership, everyone can guarantee that people with disabilities will get the same opportunities for training, work and progress.

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  6. With this partnership, everyone can guarantee that people with disabilities will get the same opportunities for training, work and progress.

  7. This makes me like Cisco even more. That is just what the NDIS needed, a great partner like Cisco. It always makes my heart melt when the needy are helped by large corporations that actually care. Great job Cisco!

  8. Kudos to Cisco for their involvement in the NDIS. There is no loser in this plan. Cisco has helped many of my students who have taken Cisco classes in high school and after graduating, were able to be ahead of the curve in learning and job opportunities.