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Cisco is Founding Member of Asia Cloud Computing Association

November 25, 2010 - 15 Comments

In addition to our own R&D investment in the organic innovation of cloud technology, we’ve also been focusing on building industry collaboration and partnership in the cloud.  Most recently, Cisco announced it is a founding member of the Asia Cloud Computing Association.

Take a listen to Bernie Trudel, Cloud Chief Technology Officer for Cisco Asia Pacific and Vice Chair and Public Policy and Regulatory Working Group lead for ACCA on how Cisco will be extremely active in partnering with ACCA as well as other vendor partners, service providers, and standards bodies in creating cloud best practices with clear business value for customers.

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  1. Very nice and great News For the IT folks out there.

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  4. Cloud computing extremelly cool. Go Cisco ..

  5. Cisco is always on the forefront of new communications technology. Despite a few security issues which will inevitably be ironed out, cloud computing is the future of communication and collaboration on the internet. In Cisco I trust.

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  7. Good News For I.T Lovers.

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  9. In addition to our investment in R & D in clean technology innovation biological cloud, we also focused on strengthening collaboration between industry and partnership in the cloud. Recently, Cisco announced that he is a founding member of the Asian Association of Cloud Computing.

  10. I admire the way Cisco continually does more than just sell products. Besides being one of the most innovative companies whose hardware has helped revolutionize the world in the last few decades, their people truly get involved.

  11. A long time ago I worked for a company in conjunction with cisco, the company decided to use another vender because they offered a cheaper service. However, as we all know, cheaper - is not necessarily better. We mourned the loss of Cisco and even had it as out theme on Halloween. It's great to see that you guys are embracing cloud computing, and I look forward to seeing your progress.

  12. Cisco continues to be on the cutting edge, cloud computing is the future of IT. The reliability, and cost effectiveness alone makes it a great system. Cisco helping to bring the world together.

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  14. The involvement of Cisco into cloud computing is really a well news. Majority of the cloud providers are in 3 groups SaaS, PaaS & IaaS. But the all the provides don't have the networking expertise. The involvement of Cisco remove this chasm.

  15. With advances in cloud computing technology, Cisco to become a leader as a pioneer and collaborate with many vendors and service providers. Sound is good for bloggers and internet workers