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Cisco: Helping Our Customers Innovate

February 3, 2012 - 9 Comments

As we all know, the world is changing at networked speeds and organizations need an IT partner that can help lead them through these challenges. Cisco is that partner.

To help further communicate this, we recently launched our new brand and advertising campaign. This campaign is to showcase that our true value is in what we make possible for customers with our innovative networking technology.  Our company strategy starts and ends with customer success. As such, the ongoing campaign will highlight Cisco customers and the ways that Cisco’s intelligent network empowers their business with new, more effective ways to connect, exchange ideas and innovate.

IMHO, Cisco is uniquely positioned to help our customers solve their most important business challenges. Our strengths are many: beginning with engineering depth and expertise, an ecosystem of partners, a passion for networking, and culminating in our vast experience at building and delivering Intelligent Networks that unleash business potential.  It’s our rich portfolio transformational business solutions that help CEOs and CIO/CTOs achieve greater innovation and momentum.

Our first television advertisement in our campaign showcases robots in a manufacturing environment.  We did this to showcase what is possible.  New networking technologies can have new applications in new environments. These applications can drive growth, open new markets, deliver new solutions and services, and give you access to experts anytime and anywhere. Robots in a manufacturing environment is technology that has existed for some time. Robots that fix themselves when the network identifies that they have a software glitch can only be implemented by cutting edge networking technology and a highly-trained employee base who can build, run and manage a 21st century network to solve 21st century problems. The story is really about getting the right information to the right people so that decisions can be made faster and work can get done more efficiently.

When manufacturers build on an Intelligent Network, they improve production efficiency and flexibility through secure, real-time availability of information for better business decisions. With superior communication abilities from the factory floor to enterprise IT, key personnel have immediate access to asset and inventory locations, potential product problems, safety and compliance issues, and energy usage. As a result, they can swiftly resolve network downtime and production issues and lower operational costs.  It’s not about removing people from the equation – it’s about connecting everything to improve visibility that leads to faster, intelligence-based decision making and quicker resolution of problems as soon as they are identified.

Only Cisco enables customers, partners, and employees to connect, exchange ideas, and to create innovations on a platform built for the Human Network. Come over and see how Cisco is working with manufacturing, retail, financial services and other industries to help them become more productive, more efficient…and more intelligent by using a Cisco network.

NOTE: While there, please register for our free webinar on February 23rd where Deloitte Consulting presents: “Risk and TCO in Single and Multivendor Networks.” In addition to sharing candid customer insights, Deloitte Consulting will quantify total cost of ownership and risk considerations in this webcast.

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  1. Very nice article, thank you for sharing this

    <3 CISCO 🙂

  2. It is impressive indeed. Thanks for the webinar heads up, will apply right now!

  3. i wanna learning about cisco, but its so expensive in my country, now im using mikrotik routerboard 🙁

  4. I watched a 60 minutes with the owner of Cisco, amazing what he’s done, and the kinds of innovations we’re seeing here. Time to invest!

  5. wow…when i was student at colage, I’m veri bored to study for cisco…but now, I realy want to joint to cisco course. all the more cisco is always innovating.

  6. Hey! Thanks for sharing once once more. I love visiting your blog for the rationale that you always publish informative posts. Well written article…Cisco is really big company, i have never assisted any of your webinars and hopefully I could do on 23 of February. Regards.

  7. great work! thanks for sharing.

  8. Great article! Greetings from freezing Finland!

    – Painoindeksi.

  9. It is true the technology of robot working environment has been around for a while but with more technological innovations, it’s really been a fast 21st century. Thank to the power of computer networking. After watching a documentary of a japan car manufacturing company in full manufacturing process with only one or two visible humans, all I could do was marvel.