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Cisco Employees = Together

December 14, 2010 - 12 Comments

Cisco employees from all around the globe gathered to celebrate the latest phase of our Human Network Campaign, “Together, we are the human network.” To kick off this exciting new campaign we held a global internal event where we challenged offices across the globe to form one letter from the word, “together”. The purpose was to have employees experience, first hand, the power of being together. Increasingly, through video, we can become closer than ever to feeling like we are truly together.

Employees accepted the challenge and began coordinating this effort. Did I mention that the word “together” was to be created in cursive? Many emails and a couple weeks later, the footage was complete..Internationally, we proved that through uncooperative weather and a pressing deadline, we managed to accomplish the task!

Look at the photo below to guess which Cisco offices formed each letter!

The human network becomes exponentially more powerful and more human with video. Networked video solutions at home, at work and everywhere we go help us to be more engaged with one another. The human network isn’t just connected anymore, now we are involved, more authentic and more genuine through all the capabilities that video provides.

This global endeavor was a collaborative effort, quickly executed on a shoe string budget. Across the globe, teams creatively managed to not only replicate the letters but to also bring in employees from all facets of Cisco.

At  Cisco headquarters, The Social Media Marketing Team hosted a Twitter Parade (keyword #Cisco) so all employees, internationally, knew of the challenge. Our Cisco Store worked with employees to make murals highlighting what actions we can accomplish together, and the Corporate Communications Team gathered footage for our video, ‘Making of the T’.

Want in on the action? Join our Twitter Parade, check out the Flickr album and watch below as our employees across the globe show that “Together, we are the human network.”

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  1. Awesome! Very Nice! Congrats 2 all team!

  2. thaht`s a nice article.very good writing.more about this subject on Stiri IT

  3. I liked ^_^

  4. Nice Video,.,.,., I like it, :)

  5. I like the motto "Together, we are a human network"...

  6. This is a fantastic idea and a great use of social media. Well done guys! I'll be using this as an example of best practise in future seminars.

  7. No doubt. Bunch of fortunate people in the world.

  8. Are the above Cisco "together" photos available for the press?

  9. too bad that the pics can't be enlarged! Anyway it's a very creative campaign!

  10. Hi, this is the true spirit of the human network. I am glad to have chosen Cisco certifications as a career path.

  11. I participated in the San Jose event and was a part of the team organizing the other 7 locations and I have to say, this was one of the most fun projects to date - everyone got so excited and involved! Now if only I could find a reason for an ice cream social every month....

  12. What a neat and social way to visually represent the idea of "together".