Cisco: Built for Business

November 7, 2011 - 5 Comments

The world is experiencing explosive Internet growth. This growth has challenged businesses to seek a network that adds stronger value and delivers greater intelligence, reliability, security and versatility.

The network is more important today than at any time in history for the future of business innovation. Businesses that invest in an intelligent network are making an investment toward their future.

What platform will your business use to drive that innovation?

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  1. The biological neural network is far from being practical in my opinion. While we understand the structure and function of the human neuron, we cannot understand the complexity and workings of the biological neural net. Every time we think we get a step close, scientific advancements allow us deeper insight into aspects that we had not considered. The time will probably come where a very crude, almost laughable version may be created but not in the immediate future. Even then, the artificial variety will still be light years ahead and interest will not allow for the continued R&D to make it catch up.

  2. Interesting to see what type of cabling will be used in networks in the future. From copper wire to Fiber optics what could be next ? When do you think will we evolve to “neural net” just like the distribution network of the science fiction t.v series, Star Trek Voyager, which utilizes a “neural net.” I believe this is in the near distant future as electronics and bio technology merge. But is Cisco ready for this future ? Everybody knows that nature is the best teacher when it comes to effective design. The neural net of the human body is the fastest network ever. Cisco should pour funding for research to develop a neural net which is a thousand or even a million times faster than today’s technology. Imagine the possibilities if these were to happen !

  3. In the future, I believe people will be more connected and information sharing among companies will be more transparent. In fact, only businesses that continuously innovate survive.

  4. I’d like to say Cisco network solution is wonderful but it isn’t competitive with Huawei, which offers the same solution with a lower price, that’s vital to customer in the financial crisis period.

  5. Please change the permissions on the video…it is listed as private.