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Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire ClearAccess

March 28, 2012 - 33 Comments

Today, Cisco announced its intent to acquire privately held ClearAccess. ClearAccess provides TR-069 standards-based, cloud, and onsite management software for residential and mobile devices. This acquisition is yet another example of Cisco’s commitment to help service providers improve customer experiences by enhancing their ability to manage mobile and cloud-based services, including video entertainment.

Service providers are faced with growing network complexity, massive amounts of data, and increasing numbers of devices on their networks—many of them in the home. Together, Cisco and ClearAccess will enable service providers to more effectively deliver value to end users by improving the delivery of video, data, voice, rich content, and other services into an increasingly complex residential environment. ClearAccess helps to complete Cisco’s end-to-end management solutions for service providers, extending from the core of the network all the way into the connected home.

As we continue to use all of Cisco’s tools to drive innovation, acquisitions such as ClearAccess will help bring top talent, new technology, and business models into Cisco. M&A remains a key part of our build, buy, and partner innovation framework and supports our strategy of providing best-in-class solutions for our customers. The ClearAccess acquisition is well-aligned to our strategic goals of building software platforms and driving business and technology architectures. I am very excited to welcome the world-class team from ClearAccess to the Cisco family.

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  25. what are the advantage and disadvtanges of growing my business organically or via merger and acquistions?

    • We view the combination of build, buy, and partner as the three pillars of Cisco’s innovation strategy. Regarding your specific question of build vs. buy, if you can organically build superior products and services in time to intersect favorably with the market opportunity and customer needs, you should do so. If you cannot, and other companies can, then M&A can be a powerful tool to maintain innovation leadership. M&A can also be a critical way to catalyze change inside of a company and to bring new talent, skills and DNA that enable acceleration and/or transformation in key businesses. We see these factors as part of the rationale for acquiring ClearAccess.

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  29. Service providers are faced with growing network complexity, massive amounts of data, and increasing numbers of devices on their networks—many of them in the home.

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