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Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire BNI Video

October 20, 2011 - 17 Comments

Today, Cisco announces the acquisition of BNI Video, an emerging supplier of video back-office and content delivery network (CDN) analytics capabilities to service providers. This announcement is another step forward in Cisco’s leadership in video, one of Cisco’s five strategic priorities. We will continue to drive growth in this important and exciting market through internal innovation, complemented by acquisitions like BNI Video.

In fact, BNI Video is one in a line of strategic acquisitions to accelerate Cisco’s growth and differentiation in video.  Over the last year and a half, Cisco has acquired ExtendMedia and Inlet Technologies, which added video content management and adaptive bit rate capabilities to our portfolio, respectively.  BNI Video brings back-office video session management and control expertise to Cisco—key elements involved in helping to efficiently deliver ‘TV Everywhere’ services. Together, these additions to Cisco’s video solutions will help service providers in their transition to deliver more powerful on-demand video services and experiences to customers.  This move further demonstrates Cisco’s commitment to our service provider customers and our Videoscape strategy. Additionally, with Boost headquarters in Boxborough, this acquisition will continues Cisco’s ongoing effort to grow our already strong presence in the greater Boston area on top of recent acquisitions such as Starent Networks and LineSider.

While Cisco has long applied M&A as an important tool to drive growth, the acquisition of BNI Video also highlights our vibrant venture investment program.  As an early equity investor in BNI Video, along with leading service providers Comcast and Time Warner Cable, Cisco was able to broaden its knowledge in this area of the market. In the coming quarters, Cisco will continue to execute on our strategic priorities using all of the tools at our disposal, including world-class internal technology innovation and M&A and investment.  We are excited about the days ahead for Cisco, our partners and our customers.

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