Cisco and VCE Continue to Lead the Industry

February 12, 2016 - 15 Comments

A few weeks ago, EMC took the opportunity during their earnings to reaffirm their commitment to VCE and demonstrate the success of the business by staking claim to a US$3B annualized run rate.  I’d like to congratulate VCE on its continued success and reinforce the strategic nature of VCE to Cisco.

Cisco and EMC have years of working together under our joint belt.  Together, we have a proven track-record and joint commitment to customer success.  Put simply, customers see VCE with storage from EMC and compute and networking from Cisco as best of breed.  In just seven years, Vblock revenue has skyrocketed, and it now commands the #1 share position in the Converged Infrastructure market, according to IDC.

And no wonder.   See why Cisco and EMC technologies help put Vblock in a class of its own:

Our relationship with VCE is continuing to grow and expand.  Recently, Michael Dell talked about Cisco being strategic to VCE, saying in part;

“After joining with Dell, VCE’s close working relationship with Cisco will continue. Vblock will continue to follow Cisco’s compute and networking roadmaps and EMC’s storage roadmaps to bring the latest technologies to VCE customers.”

And to quote our long time EMC friend Chad Sakac, the new VCE President,

“All signals from customers on all fronts [are] that UCS is the way to go, period. Cisco Nexus hardware is the way to go, period. We would be crazy and Cisco would be crazy to inadvertently mess that up.”

Exclusive From New VCE President: ‘We Would Be Crazy’ To Mess Up Cisco Relationship

At Cisco, from Chuck Robbins on down, we have repeatedly stated our ongoing support for VCE and Vblock.  It is business as usual with EMC, VCE, and VMware, and we will continue to support our joint customers and drive their success.

Congratulations to VCE teams on another strong quarter!


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  4. @fpalumbo thanks for the post…we continue to see customer success with VCE and blocks with our customers in US Commercial!

  5. Thanks for the great post. Really appreciate.

  6. @Frank – thanks so much for the post, and more importantly the partnership, Frank. I love it! Onwards and upwards – together for our customers!

    Chad Sakac, President – VCE

  7. Cisco has a strong presence here in Brazil. I have a friend that provides services as Cisco Specialist and his earnings and the value of his work are increasing independently of any crisis environment. For me this is a strong signal that Cisco’s business model is in the correct path. Congratulations!

  8. An issue of concern with customers during EBCs and Cisco Network Architecture Design Discussions has been around Cisco’s commitment to VCE, in fact I had one CTO from Israel asking me letter from Chuck Robbins indicating continued Cisco’s commitment , this is taken up seriously by our senior management and I happy that Frank Palumbo Senior Vice President of Cisco Global Data Center Sales wrote a official blog about this – We hear our customers load and clear.

  9. For Cisco & VCE to continue leadin the industry in future -1 it will take some strategy’s to lead the industry ‘ 2 in production of technical equipments to the world & Development of Technology with New Era ;3 that is the collaboration.@U.S. Trade Rep Darien

  10. Excellent blog Frank…it’s been interesting to watch how the Dell announcement has actually rejuvenated the Cisco/EMC relationship.

  11. awesome. I’m glad i start my decision to learn more and i choose Cisco. I’m happy to be part of this company. more power and stability to our IT Companies!

  12. With time strains and ongoing projects, having a data center migration on the horizon, a company needs to utilize their engineers and their time sufficiently, therefore, with VCE and their Vblock technology, it was a relief to have an all-in-one solution that reduced time and effort. VCE did a great job in deploying their vBlock solution and I highly recommend this type of technology.

  13. Great blog #Frank. The ongoing commitment by all parties to VCE and the Vblock is great for customers and that’s who matter most!