Cisco’s Cloud Strategy Explained – Our Scope, Our Purpose, Our Relevance

January 18, 2011 - 4 Comments

It’s been about a half year since ex-Sun and guru Lew Tucker joined Cisco as the company’s chief technology officer for cloud computing. He couldn’t have joined at a better time. As Cisco continues to innovate and deliver offerings ranging from Flip cameras and business tablets to core routers and switches, the relationship between these technologies and the cloud continues to broaden. After all, the Internet is really a bunch of networks, and the cloud is based on the Internet and networking, so the more touch points people have to a network and the Internet as a whole, the bigger the picture for cloud. It’s no wonder that the role Lew and Cisco play in ushering in the cloud era is only going to grow the bigger the Internet becomes.

So just how big will the cloud become? According to Lew, much bigger than it is today. “We’re just in the beginning stages,” he told me the other day.

A statement like that requires more explanation. It requires more perspective. And it requires more conversation. Take a step back and you realize that we’re all at a point in time when something big is going to happen, and you feel it, but you just don’t know how exactly everything is going to play out. You just know that it will.

We sat together and shot this video to talk about cloud trends, such as the diversity that is emerging in various industries and how pervasive the cloud is becoming – in other words, extending beyond mobile devices to sensors and things in your life that you probably haven’t thought of as relevant. And then we talked through Cisco’s three-part strategy to help customers build, deploy, and use clouds. You’ve probably heard snippets of various cloud efforts in various corners of Cisco in years past, but if you ever wondered how the company as a whole is tying together its businesses, partnerships, and technologies to enter the cloud space as a collective force – from UCS to WebEx to VCE – and if you want to hear how he disarms the debate about cloud being dominated by hardware or software players via his API strategy, spend a few minutes to watch this video. It’s Cisco’s cloud strategy explained.

Cumulus, cirrus, and now Cisco.

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  3. Cisco Really Had a Good Stratedy and They Will Done It Well.

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