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CIO Perspectives: Esat Sezer, Coca Cola Enterprises

April 15, 2008 - 3 Comments

Cisco Partner Summit 2008: Insights from the recipient of Cisco’s 4 millionth Integrated Services Router (ISR)Four million and counting. That’s how many Integrated Services Routers (ISR) Cisco has shipped. The customer who received number 4,000,000? Coca Cola Enterprises, a $20 billion bottling company that operates in eight countries and boasts 30,000 knowledge workers working in and around 440 different locations. In this interview with Cisco editor@large T.C. Doyle, CIO Esat Sezer discusses the challenges his company faces and the network priorities he established. One of his key objectives: going green. No doubt his new, custom red-colored Cisco ISR will fit right into his network upgrade plans.Post by T.C. Doyle

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  1. Excellent, it's great to see a CIO so well connected with the business strategy and how ITS support's it. Congratulations to CCE!

  2. Snooore.

  3. It is Four million and counting."" and not ""For million and counting."""^0^1^^^0^0 11242^5977^Sam^^^^2008-05-23 01:02:19^2008-05-23 01:02:19^This is a good one! Love it!^0^1^^^0^0 11243^5991^Steve Fosner^^^^2008-05-23 01:02:19^2008-05-23 01:02:19^yes, the guys says it best, the first to pay Meircom to evaluate their products,... what would happen if Meircom were to evaluate HP or Nortel switches hummmmm^0^1^^^0^0 11244^5992^Kerry^^^^2008-05-23 01:02:19^2008-05-23 01:02:19^Congrats on the Best of Interop award and the GO GREEN certification! Also, I love the Cisco IP phones - I used to have them at my old job and my new job uses Avaya phones and they are not good!^0^1^^^0^0 11245^5992^Shashi Kiran^^^^2008-05-23 01:02:19^2008-05-23 01:02:19^Thank you for your kind comments. We are very excited about winning the two best of Interop awards and for the Miercom Green Certification award. It has been a true team effort.^0^1^^^0^0 11246^5999^Kevinf^^^^2008-05-23 01:02:20^2008-05-23 01:02:20^"Seems to me a bit disingenuous to make comments about Cisco Authorized"" partners, when several of those partners have been involved in some of the counterfeiting cases currently under investigation or indictment. Yes, customers, help us all be cautious about counterfeit goods, but that includes watching your Cisco Gold partners as well."