CCIE Emeritus: Cisco Honors the “Best of the Best”

Ask any CCIE and they’ll tell you that the most challenging thing about holding one of the industry’s most prestigious certifications is the biennial recertification process. Preparing for the written CCIE exam is an excellent opportunity for CCIE holders to refresh their technical skills and ensure they are up to date with the latest advanced networking technologies.  But it can also be a significant time commitment, especially for an elite group who have already proven themselves to be “the best of the best.”

What about the folks who have been recertifying for 10, 12, even 15 or more years, who may no longer work ‘in the trenches’ and don’t need an up-to-the minute understanding of the latest emerging technologies?  We’ve been listening to feedback from the CCIE community, and today we are pleased to announce the forthcoming availability of the CCIE Emeritus designation.

Here are some details on the new initiative:

  • Veteran CCIE holders who have maintained active status for at least 10 years are eligible for Emeritus recognition.
  • The Emeritus designation was developed to allow distinguished CCIE holders who have moved on from hands-on networking roles to more managerial, architectural or educational positions to maintain their official relationship with the CCIE program, while skipping the time and energy commitment of recertifying on a regular basis.
  • If circumstances change, CCIE’s with Emeritus status can regain “active” status by simply taking a written CCIE exam.
  • CCIE Emeriti will enjoy many of the benefits of Active status, however, the Emeritus status doesn’t count toward any channel or partner program requirements.

What do you think of the Emeritus program? Would you participate?

More information about the CCIE Emeritus is available here:


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  1. Fred,You say: We would actually prefer that all CCIE holders remain active, however, per requests from the CCIE community…””I’m a CCIE and would like to know the process of submitting requests, and the policy by which Cisco evaluates and accepts requests even if Cisco prefers otherwise.”

  2. Hi Fred,Thank you for your response.Since the suspended CCIE status”” is included in Cisco’s worldwide CCIE count, will the new “”CCIE Emeritus status”” be included too?Finally, why is Cisco no longer publishing the worldwide CCIE count?Sincerely,Brad Reese”

  3. Hi Brad,The Emeritus program is designed as an option for CCIE holders who are not in the day to day network level environment, as such, they are not required to maintain the same level of in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and trends.We would actually prefer that all CCIE holders remain active, however, per requests from the CCIE community, we have developed this as an option for CCIE holders who are looking to remain connected to the program, even though they are no longer managing the day-today front lines”” of the network. We want all of our channel partners to have the most up to date, current and active CCIE holders on their staffs.Best,Fred Weiller, director of marketing for Learning@Cisco”

  4. hmmmm … interesing program will it avalable in my country?

  5. Hi Sains,Thanks for the comment. Yes, this program will be available globally starting in August.Best,Fred Weiller, director of marketing for Learning@Cisco

  6. Hi Gareth,Why wont’ Cisco allow the CCIE Emeritus status to count toward any channel or partner program requirements?Sincerely,Brad Reese

  7. A very informative post. Thanks for posting this article.

  8. This new CCIE Emeritus initiative will certainly save precious time of veterans CCIE who don´t have need for a full active status in their current activities, and will also give them a status of recognition by the 10 years of hard work.