Blogging and Your Colonoscopy

July 13, 2007 - 1 Comment

Nice article on executives blogging in the WSJ today. I’ve since been downgraded from a high-ranking executive by the paper, but, alas, sometimes reality is harsh. I wonder if my arch-nemesis Murdoch is behind this!! : )Blogging has made the cover of business magazines and it seems there is nearly the same amount of people talking and writing about blogs as people blogging (this entry is both, of course), so blogging is still hot. What we talked about at our New Media Summit last month was that the traditional way to communicate with readers is changing. We’ve (the collective we) been talking about personalized news and papers for a long time and blogging and syndication gets us one step closer…we get pushed to us what we want to read.You can look at the right nav bar of this blog and see what blogs many of us at Cisco are reading (please note I am an avid reader of Fake Steve Jobs blog, but it is not listed on our blog roll…I know it is beneath Fake Steve to request to be added, but if he were to do so how could I say no). However, the fact is, and as noted above, we can have whatever content pushed to us…which is the beauty of the technology behind the content of blogging that nobody really talks about.I, for instance, am not that interested in reading about Mark Cuban’s colonscopy. Quickly approaching the age of 40, perhaps I should be. However, there ARE people interested in reading about that…and they have. Cuban, if you haven’t read him, is smart, opinionated and writes well and you should check out his blog. He clearly writes his blog, while I have suspicions about other CEOs listed as active bloggers…maybe that’s just me, however.Our CEO has started an internal blog following the walk-before-you-run model. It is written and in video (which is his preference for communication and something that you clearly can’t have someone else do for you.) We’ll see if we can get him to do some public blogging (likely vlogging) in the future…as he is ALL about Web 2.0, I don’t think we’ll have to twist his arm too hard. I’ll keep you posted on that front.So, happy blogging and happy Friday the 13th.

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