Beyond BYOD: Supporting a Mobile Workforce

July 17, 2012 - 22 Comments

In my recent guest post, Mobilizing the New Collaboration Experience in the BYOD Era, I discussed the increasing desire for untethered collaboration as users bring personal devices and applications into the workplace. IT departments must make the decision whether to be the “proactive enabler” and embrace BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies that allow for mobile devices or to be the “passive supporter” and limit users’ choices to one or two devices.

However, the challenges of supporting a global, mobile, remote workforce go beyond BYOD policies. It’s about enabling your employees, customers and other stakeholders to get business done in any location, on any device, and for any workload.  A number of questions come to mind for me:

  • How can employees access information securely?
  • How do we enable better real-time knowledge sharing?
  • How do we do more with the same headcount?
  • How do we allow for maximum productivity anywhere, on any device?

To address these questions and more, we’ve created the Cisco Unified Workspace Services to help you plan, build, and manage a solution that allows your employees to work their way.

In this short video I recorded recently, I share more of my thoughts on this compelling opportunity.

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  1. thanks for post. it very exellent !

  2. Booster – and they shouldn’t. If you can’t live with keeping “personal” devices off the corporate network, don’t get a job.

  3. Hope this will become widely adopted. There are companies that do not allow personal devices at work – flash drivers, mobiles, tablets, even laptops.

  4. thanks for post. it very exellent !

  5. My office blocked social media sites, they blocked even common mailing service too. I use my mobile phone to access them. I use Nokia Smartphone.

  6. My previous employer had a habit of blocking access to social networks. He failed to see the power of sites like linkned and Google plus in business networking.

    I think even a site like facebook is important to people working in Sales department.

    • Especially in external-facing functions like sales and marketing, social networking tools can be very useful and indeed add to the top and bottom line. However, there are barriers to bringing “consumer-grade” tools into the workplace – security, productivity perceptions, intellectual property rights, HR policy, etc…

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  8. My biggest concerns about BYOD and “work your way” is the probablility that more employers are going to expect their employees to be “on call” 24/7, and that the American employee will be losing what little free time that he/she has. Yes, I think it is great that people can “work your way” but I can see where the employer might be inclined to take advantage of this, much to the detriment of the American family.

    • Good point. As with any major change in the workplace this may require “corporate” policy changes in order to balance the impact on individuals. But at same time each individual will need to set their own preferences and boundaries on how to work when outside the office environment.

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  10. Its not just beyond BYOD but its “work your way” experirnce. Cisco unified workspace service excel in this.

  11. I guess companies more and more see that letting people work from home or other places is actually working. People get more creative when they have some freedom in their jobs.

    • Thanks for the comment. I believe that for knowledge industries we will continue to be in a “war for talent” for many decades to come. This means winning companies inspire their employees to “give their all” every day instead of just “showing up”.

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  15. My girlfriends job somehow keeps her from accessing facebook from her personal phone at work. She physically is not able to access it!

  16. I think all of that needs to be addressed and in place *before* BYOD is implemented or even considered. An unmanaged workplace will still be unmanaged (and even moreso) when BYOD is allowed.