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Baby Poop is a Good Thing

May 30, 2007 - 0 Comments

It’s 1:55AM this morning and I’ve just finished wiping my four-month old boy Jack’s poo from my hands…he had what we call a “blow out.” My mood is not the best. I’m tired…and, as I may have just mentioned, I just had a prodigious poo to deal with. I’m changing Jack’s outfit and having trouble with the zipper. I’m concentrating on getting his wiggling feet into the footie parts of his “Snuggle Saurus” pajamas…every time I get close, he manages to get a foot out. I may have mentioned I’m tired and at this point my patience is starting to wear a bit thin. As I was focused on the business end of things, I then decided to look at Jack’s face and see if he was upset or what the trouble was with getting his feet in the pj’s. He had the biggest grin on his face and when I looked at him he giggled. He was totally messing with me. He then “let” me put his feet in the pj’s and zip him up. He just wanted a little nighttime attention and it taught me a lesson: I was getting frustrated for nothing. Baby poop and lack of sleep are both good things because it means there is a baby involved. It put things in perspective for me.There are more important things in life than sleep (I never thought I would utter such words) and there are worse things in the world than a handful of baby poo. I like my job. I work at a great company…one of the most important technology companies in the world…if not THE most important. We do a lot of great things at Cisco and I don’t want to belittle the impact that we have on wiring the world and bringing cool, relevant technology to market…however dealing with Jack’s poo last night is more important than anything I do at work…(don’t tell my boss.) So, that’s the update on my family….and my sleep deprived perspective…the latest on the Cisco family is that WebEx is now an official part of the Cisco team. The acquision closed yesterday. We’re very excited about having WebEx as a part of the Cisco family. Welcome, WebEx’ers!!!And, here’s hoping that everyone out there has some baby poo to deal with…or your equivalent.Jack 14 weeks.JPGRecent picture of Jack…14 weeks old and already knows how to mess with his dad’s mind.

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