Australia is First Federal Government in the World to Deploy Cisco TelePresence Across the Nation

February 17, 2010 - 28 Comments

Almost one year after announcing that the Australian Federal Government would be implementing Cisco TelePresence in 20 sites around Australia, the Government has reported that Cisco TelePresence systems have been deployed by Telstra and current sites in operation include the Commonwealth Parliament Offices in Melbourne (Victoria), Brisbane (Queensland), Perth (West Australia) and Hobart (Tasmania), as well as a number of sites in the nation’s capital in Canberra including Parliament House, the Department of Finance and Deregulation, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Chief Minister’s Department.   The remaining systems are on schedule to be completed and fully operational by the end of June 2010.

Most recently, the Australian Government announced in a press release that the majority of its Government 2.0 Taskforce members were able to participate from cities around Australia in the presentation of its final report entitled Engage: Getting on with Government 2.0” to the Minister for Finance and Deregulation Lindsay Tanner and Special Minister of State, Joe Ludwig in Parliament House in Canberra because the handing over of the report was completed via Cisco TelePresence.

In the final report, the Government 2.0 Taskforce detailed (in section 7.3.4) that “The taskforce held fortnightly meetings with members from a number of different locations around the country. Most of these were held using Cisco’s high definition videoconferencing TelePresence system. As outlined (in Box 20), this helped the taskforce save travel costs, carbon emissions and time.”

The final report (in section 7.3.4) continued; “As a relatively large group of 15 members and a secretariat team in Canberra, this allowed us to avoid the expense and other costs of face-to-face meetings and improve the productivity of our work over the life of the taskforce. The Economics and Research team from Cisco’s global strategic consulting group, the Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), has estimated that, over the 6 months, the taskforce has saved $65,000 in travel costs, about 350 hours in time that would have been lost in travel and reduced our carbon footprint by about 14,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions… And the value should also take into account the ‘soft’ benefits including making it easier to manage a work-family balance and being able to schedule a more frequent program of meetings which improves the interaction across a group of this size.”

You can read more in a recent article in The Australian on how “Cisco helps cut Finance costs”.

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  1. I agree with what keith says. Right now it’s just a money issue. As the technology becomes more pervasive, more countries will be playing catch up.”””^0^1^^^0^0
    31357^8983^Helmut^^^^2010-06-18 23:17:10^2010-06-18 23:17:10^Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting article. Is amazing who strong is google.^0^1^^^0^0
    32348^9086^Nathan Rodriguez^^^^2010-07-23 15:58:22^2010-07-23 15:58:22^One more confirmation of these days ubiquity of social media platforms, people are receiving the oportunity of getting connected everywhere.^0^1^^^0^0
    31563^8984^Martin Hingley^^^^2010-07-27 18:47:39^2010-07-27 18:47:39^Typical of me, I misread your initial note and gave you a mean comment about Cisco AR’s approach… Must have been on an off day!Anyway as an independent I use WordPress, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Plaxo, MySpace and anything else I can find. I think you’ll find analysts from big research houses have their own infrastrucutre and don’t need to use social media as much.^0^1^^^0^0
    32158^9106^Charlie Treadwell^^^^2010-06-25 19:36:56^2010-06-25 19:36:56^Oh man, that was great! I’m going to challenge my two social media interns to come up with a response video! Can anyone say rap battle?^0^1^^^0^0
    31373^9047^ed dantes^^^^2010-06-16 23:55:06^2010-06-16 23:55:06^Thank you for the social media guidelines. I’m looking forward to checking out Cisco’s new Quad product too.^0^1^^^0^0
    31438^8851^Vince DeCarolis^^^^2010-07-14 19:41:18^2010-07-14 19:41:18^Ruth,I liked your comment on the wide variety of reading you do to get ideas. You never know what can really make a difference. For example, I just finished an article about projecting a positive image with color. That is to say, purchasing for your corporate wardrobe, wearing clothes that make you feel confident, and different wardrobe approaches for different meetings. Is it the usual social media marketing ROI formula article? No, but it’s still very relevant to what you do as a marketer.^0^1^^^0^0
    31376^9047^Kaysheehan^^^^2010-06-16 23:55:06^2010-06-16 23:55:06^I feel the need to review and update. I will share with our team of media and see what should be happening in our own update.^0^1^^^0^0
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    31378^9046^Nathan Rodriguez^^^^2010-06-17 00:07:31^2010-06-17 00:07:31^I think the results of this survey only confirms the excellence of Cisco TelePresence, a very well projected and implemented solution to a real need.^0^1^^^0^0
    31381^9047^Brad Reese^Brad@BradReese.Com^^^2010-06-19 20:25:08^2010-06-19 20:25:08^”Hi John,It’s been my experience that Cisco’s social media policies and guidelines are NOT being followed.And it’s also my opinion that Cisco itself is the rue beneficiary”” when its social media policies and guidelines are NOT followed.Sincerely,Brad Reese”

  2. It would be interesting to see if the costs go down as a result of the web meetings and reduced travel.

  3. Well I don’t know about the good of the nation””, there are probably some hidden economic benefits to the decision, but either way I think it’s a step in the right direction.”

  4. Very clever of Australia government, as they can solve situations where actual presence isn’t allowed and lower public costs reducing the number of distant travels.Good example for other nations.

  5. Like I have said before, Australia might be the first, but they definitely will not be the last ones to do this.

  6. well done the goverment!

  7. This is a breakthrough for CISCO and many countries to come after Australia and Japan.

  8. I like that you think. Thank you for share very much.

  9. CISCO Rules 🙂 Good news to hear.

  10. It’s really a great news. I am waiting for it’s full work function.

  11. my brother in Australia tells me he is glad to hear this and its good for the country. We’re in the middle of the digital switchover here in the uk

  12. I believe it’s a sign that the Australian Federal government is not only progressive, but also has great foresight

  13. While I believe a city in Japan has rolled out Cisco TelePresence, Australia’s the first federal government in the world to rollout TelePresence across all its states and capital.

  14. I thought Japan was the first to deploy Cisco TelePresence, a few years ago? Or maybe I am confusing it with something else.

  15. The Government is becoming high-tech so fast…oh they grow up so fast.

  16. A good decision taken on australia’s part….I am impressed…..

  17. this is one of only a few reasons why I like this current government.I do feel that Australia is becoming a progressive country. My homi K-RUDD”” made it clear before his election he’ll embrace and use technology for the good of a nation.”

  18. well, i agree with Linda’s commentss..

  19. Hmmm… Nice Report… Keep us updated…

  20. Very good post, I learn many things from your post. This is a really interesting find for sure. Thanks for the great tips!

  21. I believe it’s a sign that the Australian Federal government is not only progressive, but also has great foresight and is doing a great job leading by example.

  22. Wow! Australia went 2.0 first. Good for them, keep us updated please.

  23. Do you feel like this is a sign that Australia is a more progressive country, more willing to embrace technology, etc?

  24. it means that Australia has taken the lead in adopting the CISCO, I will call it a very wise step. I would like to appreciate the CISCO and Australia both for it.

  25. Great collection of data. And it was so interesting to read. The travel costs and time will also be saved by using internet is absolute right and I agree with it.