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Australia’s Leading Renewable Energy Company – Hydro Tasmania – Completes Cisco Connected Grid Implementation at Tasmania’s King Island Power Station

February 15, 2012 - 20 Comments

Cisco Australia has been working with Logica on a major upgrade to the communications network at Tasmania’s King Island power station. King Island is a small island approximately halfway between Tasmania and the Australian mainland and  the upgrade is part of Hydro Tasmanias AUD$46 million King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project (KIREIP).

KIREIP is a project which exists to create renewable energy generation and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. To achieve this, a portfolio of old, new and experimental products are brought together which will increase renewable energy use, deliver reduced carbon emissions, all the while maintaining the quality and reliability of the power supply on the island.

Cisco Connected Grid technology has been added to the portfolio of environmentally friendly products used in this initiative. The Cisco Connected Grid solution includes ruggedized routers and switches that are specifically designed to handle the most demanding energy utility environments.

This is a great step forward for sustainability on the (affectionately called) ‘Apple Isle’ as the project will see 65% of King Island’s energy needs now being supplied from a variety of renewable resources. This will be achieved through the utilisation of wind and solar energy, and by combining innovative storage technology and unique smart grid management systems. Within the project is a biodiesel trial, which if successful will see CO² emissions reduced by up to a staggering 95%!

Whilst the King Island project is still on-going, it is important that we look at the island as a microcosm for Australia and the rest of the world. If we can achieve nationwide statistics similar to the 65% of power coming from renewable sources on the island, there’s the potential to greatly improve the outlook of our nation significantly.

You can read more about Logica and Cisco’s announcement here and more about the King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project here.

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  2. Renewable energy will be the future's energy as we are destroying the natural energy resources.

  3. Are there any considerations for Cisco Energywise in this project. With network as a platform the transformation of technologies revolving around Green has been amazing.

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  5. The KIREIP hopes to provide plenty of opportunities for people to be informed and get involved in the project if they wish and to share their thoughts.

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  9. Thanks Linda for sharing the great information about KIREIP project. Undoubtedly, KIREIP is a noble step which, will help to increase the uses of renewable energy and to reduce carbon emissions. Now for sustainable development; this type of project is very much needed.

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  11. It is so motavating to see companies that have such an impact on things making an honest attempt to help our enviroment out. As we all know the world is advancing in technology every day and the more we all care about our enviroment the better, from small to large companies.

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  18. Hello Linda, I currently work at the Tasmania’s King Island power station and did not hear about this news. Could you please provide us with more details? In any case, we are very excited to be joining forces with Cisco Australia.

  19. I always worry when I hear an article promoting "hydro" renewable energy resources. Green energy is great, but they often forget to tell you that the area that will be flooded by the building of the hydroelectric dam is some poor indigenious people's home or some rare animals home. I would like to know more about the ecology effects of this company before I applaud, or judge their project.

  20. I think that Cisco builds can help make the world a better place.