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After WebEx, Our 2nd Favorite iPad App

April 7, 2010 - 47 Comments

If you have a pulse, you’ve likely heard a thing or 12,000,000 about Apple’s new iPad.  Kudos to our friends at Apple for once again capturing the imagination of the technology and consumer world…and, heck, the world in general.  Cisco has a great WebEx application on the iPad and we hope you use it and enjoy it.

We have a few iPads floating around the office and the WebEx iPad app, of course, is our favorite app, but we’ve just discovered our second favorite*:

Here’s a blog by WebEx marketer Alex Hadden-Boyd writing about the WebEx app for iPad.

*If you are so inclined, the app is called “Baby Scratch” by Async.

If you look closely in the video, you can see me in the reflection “flipping” this great app.  That’s a Flip Mino HD.

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  1. Hahaha, this is amazing! I absolutely love the slick design of this too!Definitely getting this for my iPad.

  2. Too funny. That's the way we roll at Cisco! How do people come up with these apps?!

  3. Awesome, it'd be cool to attend meetings from the comfort of my couch!

  4. Have the iPad. Now I'll get the app. Review to follow- looks cool. iPad is in need of more apps fast!

  5. Awesome app, I'm getting that one too. Thanks!!

  6. I have an iPad and have installed the webex app. I was wondering if there is a way to allow for webex connections to partners who use webex. An example would be I put in the session ID that Symantec provided to me, but was not granted access via the iPad webex app. I tried browsing to but it would not link me back to the webex app. Any thoughts? It would be very cool to be able to hit other webex providers sites than just the standard webex.

  7. the application is nice..It would be very useful to all of us who uses ipad.. cant wait to try it!keep it up!:)

  8. Nothing like being your own DJ. I'm getting my iPad next week, and this is definitely one of the top ten apps Im buying!

  9. I have installed your email post changes but it is not working

  10. Yet another cool app that makes me want to get an Ipad.. I guess I'm finally going to have to break down and buy one. VERY cool!

  11. This is a very cool app along with WebEx. The iPad looks awesome and I can't wait to get mine.

  12. Ugh, I keep wanting to NOT like the iPad as it's just a giant iphone 4g, but this is pretty cool - thanks for making me wanna buy one now! LOL :(

  13. Awesome app.. good use for an enlarged iPod

  14. The ever amazing app for ipad! Wew! Can't wait to purchase an ipad right now

  15. I can't wait to get an IPad. I love my IPhone

  16. Love webex for ipad so far. One question, is there going to be a version where I can manage/lead a webex session from my ipad and not just attend or view?

  17. The iPad and the Flip Mino HD are my two favourite must have gadgets this summer.

  18. Just got my new ipad and i just got the WebEx app. This video is just a little taste. I love this thing.

  19. This like starting in the recent century and going backwards. It could have been Ipad first and then the Iphone. Whats the point of creating a larger version of a smaller model, when the smaller model is so popular.

  20. I already had this app, its just so cool. I'm still not sold on the iPad though.

  21. iPad is a great piece of technology even without flash support. I will try WebEx on iPad and i'll be back with my impressions.

  22. This is great - I love the new Ipad. Thanks for a great app.

  23. this application is cool and the ipad is nice.. with it i can leave my laptop and just connect with others using my ipad.Thanks!!

  24. Nice applications. Infact if I could buy iPad i am gonna sure buy that app too

  25. That's some very cool application. I was thinking about getting one for my kids for educational purposes.

  26. Nice apps. I promise when I buy an iPad, I am gonna sure to buy that app too, Thanks!

  27. Haha. If i would hav known aboutthis app earlier this month, maybe i would nothave bough this expensive turntable i just bough to do exactly the same scratch stuff.It's really great though. I think we have barely scratch the surface of what is possible with such a great direct interactive interface.

  28. Thanks for the neat video about the iPad. As a small business owner, I am considering how this latest generation of technology may be used to leverage my business.Romona Weston

  29. What a great toy! I love it! Even serious apps keep getting more and more fun!

  30. Isn't the ipad just one more variation of what's out there? Is anyone thinking in bigger terms about what the future might bring?

  31. I have experienced iPhone and iPad both, they are excellent devices. Most of the time, I am on the move and understand the importance of application like WebEx.I had experienced couple of application for online meeting and satisfied with them but I surely like to experience WebEx.--Robert D.

  32. App looks amazing, looking forward to getting m hands on the iPad too

  33. Dying to use Cisco’s webex application on the newly acquired iPad. I agree with you completely that the iPad is a great example of innovation from a mobile device standpoint and Cisco’s webex meeting center is a must have to utilize the iPad fully

  34. I can't wait to start using web ex and the ipads for our photography business. There's been a lot of talk of ipads being a toy and a gimic and the question of who would use them professionally - but I must say for us as a team of photographers that are constantly on the move and have to display good sized photos to clients on a display aswell as having an interface to keep up to date with each other then ipads and web ex make sense.

  35. I can't live without webex and I can't live without my iphone so a combination is the reason i needed to buy an ipad

  36. The Cisco's web ex and the ipad are so amazing! I can’t wait to get the ipad especially after watching this video. I think with Cisco's web ex, I can have more fun with ipad.

  37. The Ipad is just great, and its even greater with the huge number of apps you can have with it. 2010 is the Touch Screen era!

  38. Great application. I am getting this for my IPad.

  39. An excellent, if slightly pointless addition to the world of iPad apps. Definitely not as good as WebEx :-)Boy I can't wait to get my hands on an iPadKeep up the great work, Steve

  40. This app is really amazing. There is enough room for imagination for coming applications.I also like Baby Scratch"" ;)Greets"

  41. Dying to use Cisco's webex application on the newly acquired iPad. I agree with you completely that the iPad is a great example of innovation from a mobile device standpoint and Cisco's webex meeting center is a must have to utilize the iPad fully

  42. That is is cool! Not sure though that my DJing friend link will find it so amusing.... I see the next generation of dj's walk in with an ipod AND an iPad....

  43. I am looking for more software for my Ipad.. WebEx App for Ipad? This is amazing.. I would probably have this app. for my newly bought apple Ipad..

  44. Nice applications. Infact if I could buy iPad i am gonna sure buy that app too. I will be a DJ then. lol.

  45. Going to get this one as soon as my iPad arrives! Thanks.

  46. I have not seen an Ipad in person yet, but isn't pretty much a larger version of an I-Phone? It's almost backwards if you think about it. Normally something starts out large, then gets smaller.If the Ipad came out years ago, and this week they released the Iphone....everyone would say ''s so small."

  47. Cool Video.I can hardly wait to get an iPad.I am also thrilled that pretty soon Verizon will be offering service for iPhones.I had been waiting for that day for a long time.