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Adventures as an Intern: The HP Newsroom

July 22, 2011 - 10 Comments

I’ve really started to settle in at Cisco. I know the best time to hit the salad bar at lunch, and where to sit when I can’t sit in my cubicle any longer. One of the more exciting moments happened to me this week, when a senior vice president started following me on Twitter. The truth is, this is no normal internship, and I love it!

This week, I crossed enemy lines and researched the newsroom of HP. Like the EMC newsroom from my previous post, the HP Newsroom has stuck to a classic format where News Releases take the center of the page. The releases can be shared or tagged through various social media networks, which include Twitter, Facebook and Digg, as well as other content-sharing sites I’ve never heard of before, such as BlinkList and Netvouz. However, when I clicked on BlinkList, I learned that it had been acquired, so the sharing tool did not work. There is a lot of clicking around required to share stories though, and personally, my fingers prefer a sharing button that’s placed directly in front of me.

The home page of HP’s newsroom also includes a Featured News box for press release headlines. This is similar to Intel’s Free Shots, but users must click the headline to read the whole release.

Four multimedia options are showcased on the left side of the homepage:  video; corporate b-roll that is part of press kits;  Channel HP, a collection of blogs written by HP affiliates on subjects such as Tech Trends and Innovation; and various RSS feeds. When an article is clicked on, a Twitter feed is visible on the side of the page, with the most recent updates from the company handle.

Graphics on the page are a little sparse, but we do have to remember that it is a newsroom, not a photo gallery. Perhaps HP could add a little more personality by sharing photos of employees.  Employee blog posts contribute to the culture aspect of HP, but corporate HP news still takes precedence.

Key Takeaways

Content in the HP Newsroom is HP-centric. The layout isn’t innovative, but the page delivers all of the elements and information that a corporate newsroom should. My favorite link on the home page was the Fun Facts about HP. The statistics are easy to read and remind you of HP’s place in the corporate world. The blog channel is also very well done. It’s appealing to look at, and easy to read, more so than the newsroom.

After another fun week as an intern, it’s time for me to sign off. As always, I’m Kati Dahm, and these are my adventures of an intern.

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  1. Good luck on your internship! I think this was an awesome experience that I wish I had.

  2. I know it feels great that you have a senior following you on twitter, but make sure you don’t post any unprofessional tweets. A friend of mine made this mistake where he added one of his superiors to his facebook account and then posted some drunk escapade photos with a LOL. Unfortunately they didnt go down too well with his boss 😛

  3. This is really a fantastic information for me.Thanks to my friend who told me about CISCO blog.

  4. Makes me think of applying there in Cisco. Do they have good salads out there? How about the environment, is it pleasant? Love to hear more adventures there Kati.

  5. I liked the blog. It’s good to hear that you are at least doing something you love in this economy.

  6. Thank you all for such great feedback! @Mobile Phone Accessories the biggest challenge that I feel like I am currently facing is the fact that I only have 3 weeks left to fit in all of the things I still want to do and meet with all of the people I still want to meet. I’m trying to make the most out of my experience here!

    • @Kati

      What an incredible internship. I couldn’t imagine how cool it was to infiltrate HP.

      Your resume will look golden with “Cisco” on it! I’m jelly.

  7. I am going to send my friend here to read this. She is looking for internship opportunities, this would give her a cool perspective of what its like.

  8. Interesting update Kati! Hope your intern is bring you many insights. What are the biggest challenges that you are facing at the moment?

  9. Good job getting the senior VP to follow you on Twitter. Don’t say anything dumb.