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A Video is Worth…?

July 26, 2010 - 39 Comments

Did you shoot any video this weekend?  Specifically, this Saturday, July 24th?  If so, you might want to submit it to YouTube’s “Life in a Day” project.  This is a very cool YouTube project produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald.  “Life in a Day” is an “historic global experiment to create a user-generated feature film, shot in a single day.”

Which got me thinking.  If a picture is worth a thousand words…what is a video worth?

I did participate in the video project.  I shot some extremely compelling footage of my 3-year-old son shelling peas so that he could make “pea cakes.” Had I simply taken a photo of him shelling peas, sure, it would have been cute (he’s a cute guy) to see the strawberry stain on his chin and the bright, green pea pods in front of him, but it wouldn’t have told the entire story as well as he did in video-form.

So, what IS a video worth?  Here is Jack shelling peas and talking about his morning.

To be sure, this one is certainly worth more to me (and maybe his grandparents) than to you, but it is a perfectly captured point in time of a typical Saturday morning that will never happen again.  So, to me, whether this is included in YouTube’s documentary or not…it is historic video footage.  And, thanks to our friends at Flip Video, it was easy to upload and share…which, to me, makes it even more valuable.

If you haven’t submitted your video to YouTube’s very cool project, you still have a little over five days to do it…please do.

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  1. When I see videos of young kids, before the age to expect much memory of the event, I think back with melancholy to what I don’t know about my early days. Itinerarist,

  2. The wonderful thing about the video cameras available today, like the FLIP cameras, is they are so inexpensive and easy to use. Everyone can make wonderful memories just like this, of little boys and little girls and pets and grandmas and grandpas and all kind of fun things. It's an interesting time to be alive.

  3. Very intresting!Now I will go on a youtube to submit video about my morning.

  4. It's not either/or. It's video AND photo. A good photo is irreplaceable and is a marvel of emotional punch"". But so is a good video. They share some common ground but also stand alone in their own arenas. Both at their best are about evoking emotions and feelings. No work moves everyone, but ""junky"" stuff only moves the creator! For the latter times, there's hope the host has lots of good wine."

  5. wow just hear it from you. I have to share my daughter video soon. I have a lot lovely memories with the video. Thanks for the info.

  6. This is a hard competition if you don't have a crazy life. IT is hard to compete with all the internet celebrities.

  7. Aww! Jack looks so cute! This was definitely a great project that Youtube and Ridley Scott created. This is what Youtube is supposed to be! Sharing user"" videos to everyone!"

  8. sweet boy, every individual has different propose for different video.

  9. Making video is an way to flashback what you had done nomatter good or bad.

  10. Argg! missed it with my two kids!

  11. I think its good Idea to document our video's family to Youtube,,,

  12. Aww it is to cute to put a price tag on.

  13. That's a really great point. These days video quality is getting better so that even if you did want photographs of the same moment, all you have to do is screen-capture the exact moment you want and then voila! You've got your picture. Spa Package North Carolina"

  14. I think the A Day in the Life"" project is a cool idea.Regarding - ""If a picture is worth a thousand words…what is a video worth?""I do prefer photos and really hate it when someone makes me watch silly videos like kids birthday, summer holiday 09 or Jack's school play...Photos may not tell the full story, but they are also less anoying."

  15. That is such a neat idea. I am doing a project of my own w/ photos that will become a time lapse video. I take a picture of my boys every year on their bday in the same spot on the same couch. I plan to do this as long as possible then take every photo and time lapse it so it shows them growing year by year. I think it will be pretty cool when it's finished.

  16. He is absolutely adorable! Good luck in having your submission entered. :)As for how much a video is worth I was going to say a million words, but it sounds like I might be underselling.

  17. I missed the 24th! I had heard about this but totally forgot about it. Cool video of your son. It should be interested to see what they put together for the final video.

  18. I wanted to contribute to this, but I don't have any quality video recording software so I decided to opt out of it. I wish I did, though.That's a really cute video btw.

  19. Very interesting to have Ridley Scott involved with this. Something similar was done in Norway; citizens were asked to send in a written note of what they did on a particular day for a time capsule.

  20. What a great project I will keep it in mind when ready to do something with video. Thanks. Rick London, Londons Times Cartoons

  21. What is a video worth? Well, it can have great sentimental value, but I have heard that they can have tons of SEO value as well. Considering that Youtube is one of the biggest websites on the Net, I would think that a video would indeed be very good for link building. Maybe you could do an article on the SEO value of videos.

  22. Very interesting concept. Videos are certainly worth more than pictures. They carry the true story as pictures could convey several messages.

  23. The Life in a Day"" project is a great idea - and a good way of getting PR for You Tube as well as getting people involved and using the site as opposed to just watching.@John - after the video have you thought about setting up a family blog?I have some friends that have a family holiday blog where they all post photos, news and video for each other to watch.A bit more ""private"" than using Facebook or You Tube but with the same principle."

  24. I find this article very poignant. It is amazing to me having been in the jewelry business for many years how this medium (video) is really changing our lives. Jewelry use to signify or mark an occasion, now it's video camera's. AT weddings, anniversary's etc often a gift given is a video collage from one person to another. Nothing seems to be capturing the essence of a person or a moment more than video, not even jewelry. I am hoping that soon, video phones will be as easy to use as flip video, or maybe even easier so that the spectrum of video takers becomes as wide as the subjects we will see. Then the world will truly be one very small place. And what that time comes, we should all celebrate by giving one another a gift of jewelry!

  25. Sweet boy how old is he?! It's a great idea, great project. I'll shoot my daughter on video;)

  26. lol, good comment. what is a video worth if a picture is worth 1000 words.Video is after all a number of pictures that moves really fast from one to another, so maybe its worth all the images captured in one film times 1000 divided by frames per second.which does not really roll of the tounge like a picture is worth 1000 words.

  27. I made some videos that day and was going to send them in, but once I took a look at them I realized that I lead a boring life, lol. My videos were terrible and not very interesting.

  28. This is a great project. I have 3 grandchildren myself, and I will make sure the memories will stay with them forever.

  29. It sounds like a great project and your video deserves to be in.

  30. Aw! He is proper cute! I like this concept... very interestingLike John said I don't think there is an answer to how many words a video is worth! I think a picture being worth a thousand is just a phrase! It's all about your memory and how vividly it can recall an experience. Think about, just one word can bring a world full of memories back to you, such the name of a place or a person...A picture can bring back more vivid memories of the sights, colours etc.But a video at the moment is one of the closest to reality, methods of capturing a moment or experience, so obviously it will refresh your memory of different levels, sights, sounds, movement etc are all recorded on video and therefore can open up your memory on a sort of 3D level! Which I think is amazing, and videos are definitely becoming the new photo-album to show your first girlfriend/boyfriend!So yes the real answer is priceless!

  31. I'm curious how this will be put together. Will it be on the big screen or is it online-only? My obvious concern with a 'big screen' production would be the video quality , not everyone is going to shoot in broadcast quality video, and even then not many have HD recorders either.

  32. The advent of youtube has had a huge impact on the way we share and view videos, spot on

  33. @Andy: wayyyy too logical. Real answer: priceless. ; )

  34. That´s a very interesting project, with great names of movie industry like Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald behind it, probably will be a video of big repercussion worldwide.

  35. A Day in the Life"" is an awesome concept, but I can't imagine how they will be able to pull this off... Thank Ye Gads they brought on Ridley Scott."

  36. Cute boy! A video is worth an epic. Different people shoot different videos for different purposes, and what is in common is that they all record the moments they would not to forget. They compose the epic of themselves, and no matter whether the video itself is significant to others or not.

  37. Love the way he says Fahmahs Mahket"". Go Jack!p.s. 30,000 x 82 = 2,460,000 words assuming that was 30 frames per second,"

  38. When I see videos of young kids, before the age to expect much memory of the event, I think back with melancholy to what I don't know about my early days. We just attended the birth of a grandchild. I'd already taken advantage of the Cisco employee discount and spread HD Flips across the family landscape like a reimagined Johnny Appleseed. So Nick's Flip in the delivery room and both of ours in the hospital room (plus a Canon 5D... pictures have their place) captured moments that tug tears from my eyes every time I watch them.

  39. A similar project: One Day on Earth -- a project to document the world's story in one day. 10.10.10 An incredible use of video: