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A Story of Evolution: From Insects to Networks

March 12, 2010 - 18 Comments

I learned a new word the other day. Diapause. It’s used in the context of insects, to describe a spontaneous shutdown of development as a result of negative environmental conditions. According to Wikipedia, when the unfavorable conditions cease, a period of quiescence follows—a period of stillness—that allows the insects to regroup. During this phase, they continue to withstand harsh conditions while getting ready to take advantage of good conditions as quickly as possible. I couldn’t help comparing these stages to what we’ve been doing in the business world with regard to the economy. Aggressive businesses have been using the downturn to actually gear up for the upturn. Others have simply laid low. With all the positive economic indicators lately, I think it’s safe to say that most are now in a state of quiescence. And that’s why what we’re about to announce next week is so exciting. Because it lays such a solid foundation for blasting ahead in our media-rich, mobile world.

On March 17, we’re hosting a live event in San Jose to introduce the next evolution of our Borderless Network Architecture. This will be a major event with presentations by top Cisco executives, including John Chambers and Padmasree Warrior.

What’s driving this is a huge shift in the type of data we now see traversing the network, as well as a shift in how we define our workspace. Video is becoming a growing mainstay of internet traffic. Also, the people we need to connect with are mobile or remote; “work” is no longer a place but an activity. The traditional borders of device, application, and location are falling away, whether we want them to or not. And with that, a new kind of network is needed—one that allows us to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere, with any device. Securely, reliably and seamlessly.

Please join us —either live in San Jose or via webcast— on Wednesday, March 17 from 10:00am-12pm Pacific Time. And prepare to evolve to that post-quiescent stage!

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  1. There will only be tax increases regarding this whole ordeal

  2. I don't know if we can all relax from the recession but certainly Cisco is outperforming the market. They are truly staying at the top of their game and as an investor I am excited to see any news on their products.

  3. In my opinion video should be seen in the context of how value it is to the end user. The written information aspect will always have its place.

  4. Cisco always keeps it secure Neil. They are one of the few companies who always keeps security right in step with network expansion.

  5. I wasn't there, but I got a Tweet from someone that was there in the afternoon. I'm pretty sure he got to see John Chambers speak about some of the new products on the horizon.Next time...head to the Midwest! Plenty of people here that would love to hear about Cisco.

  6. Yes, for sure, this is the way of the world right now - to develop a network capable of connecting anytime, anywhere and with any device is definitely what the people need. You guys at Cisco are genius. Be sure to make it secure guys!

  7. Like Adam said : wish i could be in san jose for this event"".Waiting for a post describing the event."

  8. Diapause it is. You learn something new everyday indeed. Glad i came across to this site.

  9. Great analogy, the article has a real science fiction feel about it, but that is so often the way of our technological advances. Good to see Cisco at the forefront of emerging media.

  10. It is all about the environment you put yourself in and around.

  11. Really informative post. I have learnt something new from this post. Regrouping of insects might also be cause by special hormonal imbalance.

  12. Diapause, I read this word first time. well Nice Post. thank you.

  13. I really wish i could be in san jose for this event, but I guess a live webcast will have to suffice.

  14. Well...That was an interesting analogy! I hope you're right about the turnaround in business. I'm in Ohio and we can use it!But you can have the insects!

  15. Interesting analogy between the insects behavior and the economic moment.

  16. Wow great stuff. Diapause...I learned a new word today as well, and it does describe not only insects but many businesses in this downtown. It is all about the environment you put yourself in and around. I know for some companies, they didn't even know a recession was in swing had you not told them, their business just kept right on going.

  17. Looking forward to Wednesday's event!

  18. Thanks for the new words and good news! I will definitely join via webcast.