A View from Fashion Week: The Future of Fashion and Technology

December 7, 2010 - 11 Comments

Cisco’s Retail Industry Marketing team recently worked with fashion designer Simon Spurr during the September 2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City to demonstrate  how business video technologies can impact the fashion business.

Simon, who  was just announced as creative consultant for Tommy Hilfiger menswear , worked with Cisco Business Video technologies such as TelePresence, Flip Prosumer, Show and Share, MXE, Digital Signs and WebEx to streamline the processes of working  with his suppliers, retailers and customers.

Cisco technologies were also showcased during Fashion Week in the Spurr pop-up store and New York’s landmark retailer Saks 5th Ave..

The following is a video showcasing how Cisco and Simon worked together to showcase the future of fashion.

To learn more about the technologies presented in this video and to watch other content relating to Simon Spurr, please Click Here.

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  5. That’s awesome, cause I don’t know about you, but eyeing an inert object in a window display is kinda dull, but when you incorporate it with live action/video, it seems to make it much more lively plus you get a good idea of what it is supposed to look like on a person. I could imagine just so many applications on how this would make great business solutions. Imagine displays like that on the side of buses, etc? Sending shots of various models wearing the same clothes to the designer so he can have a comparison and choose the best fit for that type of attire. Sounds like such a great selling tool.

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